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An emotional wartime drama experience from individual perspectives of same-sex lovers, Hinata and Eiji. This is their story of America’s assault on Japan in 1945, during the final days of war.

Hinata longed for his Eiji to return from war. Alone in the idyllic countryside whilst other areas of Japan were torn asunder. One day, he receives a letter from his lover filled with the scent of sunflowers and his undying love for him, followed by official news of his presumed death at Iwo Jima. Heartbroken. Yet determined to honor his promise to Eiji; to live the life they were unable to live together.

Eiji fought honorably for Japan at Iwo Jima. He fell injured in a banzai charge to be classified as dead. He recovered with the aid of an American lieutenant who escorted him back into the mainland for espionage work. His one chance and hope of return to Hinata’s side.

A controversial risk of a war story set at the end of WW2, 1945 within Hiroshima and Nagano, Japan. Two sides of the war are shown from the individual perspectives of same-sex lovers Hinata and Eiji.

More than a boys love. An emotional drama, revealing the heart and souls of people surviving America’s assault. Hope from the consequences suffered at war’s end.

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Genre: Historical Fiction. Historical Romance. WW2 Fiction.
Tags: LGBTQ, Boys Love, Japan, WW2, Slice of Life, Drama
Any Mature Themes: Sex and Mild Violence
Possible Trigger Warnings: Some sex scenes. Some violence that may trigger. Some readers may find some scenes emotional, so have your tissues on hand.
Links To Purchase: Read To My Sunflower - Veronica8 - Webnovel

Note: This is a traditionally contracted work to; a publishing arm to Tencent via So, I can receive payments via the author-publisher contract agreement I’ve signed with them. However, the medium is currently only online and exclusive to their site.

Having said this, the book relies on donations rather than a pay-per-chapter fee. So, readers pay for what they feel the story is worth.

:heart:Thank you for your interest :heart:

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Title: The Burden of Us

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Any Mature Themes: None
Possible Trigger Warnings: None
Links To Purchase: Universal Book Link - will take you to your country’s Amazon