Two Truths & A Lie (Character Edition) 😇😈


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He climbed on top of a rock to get away from it :eyes:

alright here we go

Tulin (Rito, this pic is from TOTK)


Daruk (Goron)

download (1)

Urbosa (Gerudo)

download (2)

Midna (Twili, in her imp and Twili forms, also Wolf Link

images (1)
download (3)

Zelda (Hylian, also a Hylian Retriever)

download (4)

Master Kohga (Yiga)

download (9)

Purah (Sheikah, first pic from BOTW and second from TOTK

download (5)
download (6)

Mido (Kokiri)

download (7)

Hetsu (Korok)

download (8)


Good job. Thalosine is son of Thalos.


:eyes: ok

Wait is that a show or a game, cool graphics :eyes: so your facts were based on that, right?

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a video game series :eyes:

kind of, like Web having the seashell bracelet is sort of based on the Zora living in water, and some were random things I wrote about my OCs (such as Mackenzie having a crush on Revali)

and I do have the characters from the game in my fanfic since it’s a LinkedUniverse fanfic (which is basically a thing that has all the Links from the Zelda series) as well as my own OCs

it’s kind of confusing sometimes tbh :eyes:

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I thought so because I noticed one of the names of the…species? XD nice xD

I take my hat off to fanfic writers because I don’t have the patience to rethink a whole world lol I’d rather start from scratch.

Anymore fun facts? :eyes: or lies? :eyes:

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hmm let’s do Mackenzie again :eyes:

  • Mackenzie tried eggs once and liked it.

  • Mackenzie got cursed with immortality.

  • Mackenzie used to watch the sunset when she was younger.

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Idk why but this seemed like the most normal so I think it’s a fib XD

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No actually :eyes:

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…was it the eggs


yes :eyes:


I should’ve known it had something to do with food after the crab thing lol

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Do you have a chinchilla?!

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yes :eyes:

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Omg so cute!!! Imma have to make the other thread I’m thinking of and tag you in there morning XD.

I just think Mackenzie is a hungry baby haha

anotha one

  • Ragdoll knows sign language because it was selectively mute as a child and learned asl as a way to communicate.
  • Ragdoll is really good at climbing
  • Ragdoll is also really good at foraging
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I feel like the second or third is a lie and now all I can picture is a ragdoll cat as your character XD.

Ummm is it number… I want to say 3, but imma pick 2!

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:rofl: love it lmao

you’re right, number 2! It used to be good at climbing but lost a lot of range of motion to burn scars. toasty ragdoll cat

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Oh no! Not a toasty cat XD. Hope it licked its wounds.

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