Unique Jobs In Fantasy Stories

This is super interesting! On Instagram, I follow an account called schoolofplot and sometimes the owner will release some cool topics!

Using these screenshots, which job do you think is the most interesting and does your story already feature someone in the profession?


Unfortunately, I use none of these, but it is interesting.

Thanks for this.

In one of my books I wrote a plague doctor as a major character, but that’s the only profession here that I’ve ever used in any capacity. How about you? Have you ever written any of these? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Hmm…how would these jobs fair in a magical futuristic world, I wonder?

Alagossia is where magic and advanced technology along with fantastical races/species along with humans exist all together.

pondering :thinking:


If those occupations are too far out for your main characters, you could always use them for peripheral characters. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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My main characters are heinous criminals that escaped from a prison.
Before that, I have to still figure out what those jobs are, for the main four, because Anjan is already figured out.

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Ooof. I haven’t but some of them have gotten the cogs in my brain churning hehe

My favorites are:
Apothecary, Wandmaker, Astrologer, Botanist, Charm Maker, Hero Chronicler, Star Catcher, Bone Carver, and Sin Eater. :slight_smile:


I know a really unique one:

Office Worker

I literally never see anyone do that in
any type of fantasy. Urban or not.


Lowkey wondering what a lot of those are doing on those lists :joy:

I use quite a few of these in my writing now that i think about it :thinking:


snaps fingers I got it! A magical hero working in corporate office in a modern fantasy-sque story. He is slaying the “dragons” or massive paperwork that he calls dragons all while working his way up the ladder.

His boss is a jerk that thinks he’s the king of the office. Take The Office and make it fantasy with fantastical creatures!

You can do it, @JohnnyTuturro!
Got a little happier than I wanted! LOL!


Professions are interesting to think about. I realize that I haven’t spent much time coming up with cool names for them.

In the TriRealm Trilogy I have a magitech inventor and a magical contraband seller (not sure what name to give to this “profession”). And there’s also a cop and a private eye - not fantasy specific.
And a priest of an angel-worshipping cult.

In the 3rd book, MC’s father is in a demon lounge and I’m still not sure what his role is there. Does he own it? Does he run it? Is he just a patron? Or maybe he uses it to meet with his clients and hang out?
It’s kinda funny because MC assumes that his father is a $3x worker but he’s actually only an elixiring master. Elixirer? That’s hard to say.

There’s a mystic in this story (like a shaman).
And there are Sages. Their role is rather mysterious. They’re sort of like a convent but also the authority.

Oooh, yes and there’s also the scroll keeper. That’s like a librarian/curator/historian.

Does a personal assistant count?
I guess it’s not a very office-like job.
There is a chapter in a factory where the workers assemble mass produced magitech and then there’s a scene that resembles a corporate meeting. :joy:
I guess I didn’t think of these as fantasy jobs.


It’s another job I never really have saw, so it’s unique.

If it takes place in a fantasy story and setting, it counts.

That would honestly go down very well tbh lol. A low-stakes comedy, with lots of laughs. And some drama. I can see it. He hates his job, and he has a workmate that he hates but his workmate really looks up to him.

:joy: The Sword.


Creativity at its finest!
I knew posting this could lead to blossoms of ideas! :smiley:


Yeah, that sounds very cool! I am loving that idea!

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Aww, shucks! :blush:
I just wanted to help out a friend.

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It’s like my characters Max and Julio, but only fantasy.

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