Wacky ways to gain divinity in your story or any story?!

There’s a way to become a god in the fictional way, but to get it is fairly…weird. In fact it is pretty weird and almost down right shady, but in the end you gain divine powers and become a god.

Yet because you obtain your own level of godhood, you are unable to handle it. Never mind that you had to do something gross or weird or shady to get it.

My question to you all:
Do you have something like that in your story OR know of another story that has something like that?

The story is by another person and it doesn’t have to be novels neither. It can be video games, television series, movies, comics, anime, manga, cartoon, and etc.

My Turn:

In Jiord and the Asakala Voyage, mortals with either high or low mana can consume the blood and flesh of divine beings. Depending on the deity, a mortal will gain their powers, abilities, and personality to blend in with their own.

Thoughts and feelings?
Do you have something of your very own or know of anything else where?



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Ashuras in Japanese Buddism are basically this. Usually, a person of high virture but did one terrible act ends up becoming an Ashura, which are noble creatures who are enslaved to their desires.

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This is something you’ve found for your story or no?

Was that something that just interested you?

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Something I put into my story.

9 out of 10 people consider being an Ashura to kind of suck, though. 3 of those people are Hindu so are only familiar with the antagonistic role of the Asura.

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My MC died, was raised, had something go wrong in the raising and became a God. Does that count as a weird way or just involuntary? :joy:

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Eat a god bean? IDK.

Actually, a human can’t gain divinity.

:flushed: I am too lazy for that, and it’s illogical. To my train of story thought.

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In the realm of make-believe, I beg to differ…

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Its rather conventional to gain godhood ny killing another god. Ive done that.

My hauband has used a cpllective of the dead becomes God.

Goda reent rwally qhat I do a lot with.

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Yayyyyyy :joy:

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The only story I know of that deals with a mortal gaining godhood is the god of war games, and Kratos becomes a god basically by killing all the other gods. So you could say that’s shady, but not weird.

As for my own stories, the closest I have is Alma and Errol thinking they are gods, but in reality they aren’t. They just think they’re better than humans because they are ‘superior’ because of their genetics and the machine parts of them, as well as thinking they have a moral high ground because they didn’t start the war and have justified reasons for wanting to destroy mankind. So again, shady, but not necessarily weird. And they aren’t actual gods. They just have god complexes that feed off of each other.

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no :sweat_smile:

i’m christian and i don’t fuck around with calling other things ‘god’ or ‘godlike’. don’t really feel like being smited over it :joy: and that’s not the avenue my writing tends to take anyways. i lean much more heavily towards grinding characters down lol

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Isaac shattered the boundaries between reality and the liminal space of the boundary between existence and non-existence, allowing more non-concrete concepts to manifest in the real world, just to bring peace to a realm in conflict and revive someone he cared about. Also therefore overtook the role of the deity Yocha.

Does that count.

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There is a funny scene where a fake “seer” type of character accurately predicts the death of one of my characters 3 books before it happens, lol.

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Remember, it can be either your story OR SOMEONE ELSE’S STORY!!!

No way to gain divinity in my story. Divinity is something that seems too overpowering, so, I rather not touch it :stuck_out_tongue:

Disney’s Hercules, he was about to become a god. Is he a god in the end? Or did he choose mortal life? Did he lose his powers? Idk. No idea. That’s all I can think of.

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