Want to ask me anything that is on your mind that? AMA

That is EXTREMELY hard for me, since I don’t have many.


Anybody else want to try me out with some fun and cool questions?

Do not be shy!

Get creative and fun!

Okay, most favorite non-animated movie in your life so far?

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I still don’t know.

What I am trying to say is that DON’T have a favorite non-animated movie. There are plenty of movies that I like and love, but they aren’t favorites because I don’t have a movie that I LOVE/IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!

So, I will mention movies that I love that aren’t animated.

The Hunger Games Trilogy.
The Pirates of the Caribbean Series.
The Mummy (mainly the first and second one)
The Ritual.
The Void.
Tremors (the first and second movie)

That is all I got for now.

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Dare I say, I thought the movie was better :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you see all of them?

All except the last one.

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That last one is a little less epic in terms of action, but it was a feel good story. I recommend if you are a fan of the characters and the world :grin: There’s a major plot twist in it (that kind of comes out of nowhere, but…) you gotta see it.

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Thanks for letting me know.

Got any other fun and exciting questions?

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Not at the moment :wink:

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Can I send you a hug?

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Sure. :blush:

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hugs my friend.[

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What is one thing you would change about your town if you had the power to do that?

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Honestly, I don’t know what I would change about where I live now.

I would change so much in my old home town.

From building places where the homeless can eat a good proper meal, sleep on soft comfy beds, shower and groom, and most importantly get help in finding a job/medical help/rehab/etc. to fixing the streets and cleaning up the trash to also ridding the crime along with tending to the lower income families strive and have a very stable income.