Ways, tips, and tricks to tackle editing???

Anybody else wanna give me advice? Maybe? Maybe not?

google Abbie Emmons’ channel. she’s a very good starting point and gives you a really great road map for how to structure your editing process, as well as a great rundown on the two types of editing and when to do what.


I think @Xelyn_Craft hit the nail on the head with what I need to do.




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Thanks again!

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you’re welcome!

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I’ve figured out at least 5 phases of editing.

Phase 1: Inconsistencies and plot holes
MC has blond hair and blue eyes here, but suddenly in Chapter 19, she has purple eyes. What happened? :crazy_face: Or MC has a puppy who is so cute and in Chapter 10, she has a big dog…but only two months have gone by between Chapter 1 and Chapter 10. Uhhhhhh :crazy_face: And plot holes like some magical thing happened and later, you completely forgot about it and never mention it again. WHY. Plot hole! Gotta fix that.

So, Phase 1 involves moving things around, shifting things, even changing whole scenes so they make sense. Deleting a whole lot, too. It’s fine if the word count goes down because it’s gonna go up again.

Phase 1 goes from the beginning to the end of the story.

Phase 2: Give depth
Once the flow of the story is pretty much there, flesh out those shorter scenes, add in descriptions where you just have “they went into a room” or “they had dinner”. Add in more character interactions or fight scenes or whatever to really give the story depth.

Phase 2 goes from the beginning to the end of the story.

Phase 3: Refine Phase 1 and 2

Also from the beginning to the end of the story.

Phase 4: Add charm
Not all of my stories need phase 4, but some do. In phase 4, I add charm. So, if the story is meant to have a little humor in it, I go through to try to break up serious scenes and add more character to the characters. If the story has a satire vibe, I go add more satire vibes. If the story is based on a historical period, I try to slip in little bits and pieces referencing the history.

Also from the beginning to the end of the story.

Phase 5: Refining, once more, Phase 1 and 2.

From the beginning to the end of the story.

The reason I do so much refining is because I won’t catch or see everything in one go. Also, I usually don’t do the phases all at once. Once I get from the beginning to the end, I’m so exhausted, I have to leave it sometimes even for a year depending on the story.

Throughout all the phases, I’m always editing sentences for grammar, too.

It’s between Phase 2 and 3 that I might get readers to read somehow, depending on how serious I am about refining the story. If I’m going to self-publish it, maybe join a book club on Wattpad (best is Wayfarers which you do have to be prepared to do your part, but I swear it’s a good time :wink: ) or actively seek out beta readers somewhere else.

Got questions? Ask away :wink: