We can put our books on Wacky Writers😶???

I was just looking around my acct on the main site of Wacky Writer’s. (Thanks CJ, for making it possible to link our forum acct. I’d hate to have 2 wacky writer accts). We can put our book on the main site???

Pretty sure we always have been able to lol. It’s just not the main draw of the site, since the forums are the big focus. I have my short story on there and it’s been up for months.

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Yup I got in on the ground floor of the Wacky Writers site when CJ got it put up. It definitely needs more love! :slight_smile: I currently have three stories posting there…

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I didn’t know this till i was messing around with my acct!! I need to copy my book over!
That is so cool. And it has a ratings box and all.

Interesting. I just uploaded some of my works to Wacky Writers. I still need to do the story tags, but WW’s system is a little tedious.

…I just noticed the music playlist section in the book editing options.

If we can link YouTube clips, I might be a while…

XD. I noticed thst as well. Sadly i dont think i have a set playlist… its typically anything Lindsey Stirling, when im writing

Yup! This is a forum for a writing site.
I really want to log back in, but I forget what my username / password is :smiling_face_with_tear:

Can’t you use your forum acct??

Yes, but when I first made my account, that wasn’t even an option. My wackywriters account isn’t connected to this one, so logging in with this one would just create a new account.

Oh… maybe CJ can help? I mean like make an option in case you forget your user and password. I know discord has both those options.
Course, we would have to ask her.

Actually I was able to link my forum account to the Wacky Writers site account with little issue.

I believe if you log into Wacky Writers and then click the “log in with forum account” it will link the two.
I can log in either way and still have the correct information.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that, as I can’t remember enough about the other account to link it @_@

Oh good idea!
Also thought of another thing: some people here also used to follow me there. Can’t remember anyone but @/TheMidnightAssassin, but if they still follow me there despite all the time passed, I could find my account through their following list.
But yeah, just asking CJ in general if they have any users under [insert list of possible usernames/account names I used] could be helpful!

D’oh… so no saved login/password for it in your browsers?

I usecthe forum credentials option alot. But if i try to just use my user and password for the forum and enter it in tbe login and wont recognize it at all.