What are curses like in your story's world?

In fantasy (or horror or some other speculative genre) there are curses caused by malicious magical person who is super infamous, a deity that loves punishing mortals because they are bored and got nothing better to do, or a group of powerful magic wielders trying to curse a random person for reasons unknown/probably to appease a god that cares so little of them anyway, regardless of whatever the reason, there are nightmarish curses that will stay with a person till death or curses that requires a long series or trials/a quest to break the curse or a generational curse that passes on from one generation to the next.

Tell me, does your fictional world have curses? What can break the curse? Can it even be broken? Have any of your characters been conflicted with the curse? Explain what the curse even does and what makes it scary to the person inflicted by it?

Thoughts and feelings?



Terminal Illnesses. It’s depressing.



Wait, what genre is your story exactly?

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Fantasy, but curses act similarly to terminal illnesses in that they’re a lifelong burden that will kill you sooner than later.


Ah ha! Thanks for the explanation!
Greatly appreciate it.

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Curses are conditional blessings that are failed.


That’s one deeper way of looking into it…


There are no curses in Elgana or in the (Other) World.

I do have a character called Jack who was cursed by his mother by mistake. He can hear people’s front-most thoughts when he touches their left side with his hand. He can’t turn it off and it gives him migraine headaches.

Only a dragon can break his curse. At first, Jack does not believe in dragons.

The story is Jack Of All Trades and it’s on Wattpad :grin:


Huh. I don’t think curses have ever actually come up ;-; Honestly didn’t notice that until now

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