What are some popular, hyped books that you would never read?

You know those books that you see everywhere? What are some that you would never read? If you have a reason, tell me that reason.

These are some of mine
  • Circe: I’m just not interested.

  • ACOTAR: Not interested, but I was curious, so I listened to funny spoiled reviews. Those are enough.

  • Six of Crows: I can’t get Shadow and Bone trilogy out of my head to even get to reading that duology even if many people are saying they love it. Many people were saying the same about Shadow and Bone :confused:

  • Anything by Colleen Hoover: Not interested. I don’t mind romance books, but I’m not interested these ones. I listened to a review, and I’m glad I didn’t read it.

  • Anything by Sally Rooney: I don’t like the style of having dialogue without quotation marks.

  • Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: It’s just so darn thick. And I’m not that interested to read it, I guess, because Perdido Street Station was over 800 pages.

  • The Midnight Library: I don’t like that it begins with a cat dying.

  • The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue: Again, another thick book that I guess I’m not that interested in reading to commit.

  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo: I tried to become interested, but I guess I’m just not.

  • The Inheritance Games: Not interested. I’ve heard there’s very little to do with inheritance in this series.

  • Brandon Sanderson books: Idk. I feel like people recommend his books left and right to the extent that I see the books over-recommend and it’s like reverse psychology—makes me not want to read the books more and more.

  • Cinderella is Dead and Legendborn: I tried, but I couldn’t get into it.

  • (A) BLANK OF BLANK AND BLANK: The moment I see a book titled this way, I turn it away.

  • Holly Black books: By the time I heard about them it was “The Queen of Nothing” and I thought it was a boring title and so, I will never read it.

  • The Priory of the Orange Tree: People say it’s good. It’s just so thick and I guess I can’t commit.

If you loved these books, awesome :blush: I just can’t get into them :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Twilight
  • 50 Shades of Grey

Basically most romance novels out there, and it doesn’t matter how much sex isn’t in it. They’re all the same story with basically the same plot and basically the same problems and all the same cliches. Really it’s annoying so I don’t poke romance books with a 10ft pole.


I am only reading one of two of his books which is Mistborn.

It’s good, but could be better in terms of sticking with it. Though that is with EVERY single novel, because reading is a literal chore, unless it is manga and or webtoons.


Gambling of Apocalypse and Kaiji



There’s a reason I stick with Otome games mostly.

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I’ve only watched the Netflix show and that was enough to put me off :grimacing:

I do not understand the hype around this. Blake Lively even agreed to do a movie. It sounds like amateurish Wattpad stuff to me :thinking:

I’ve watched Normal People, which I thought made some odd character development choices, but I didn’t know she wrote like that :joy: Must be a modern Irish literature thing lol. I read a litfic book by a female Irish author recently which had the same ‘quirk’.

SAME :joy::joy: (cc @CJtheSiteWizard :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

You know, I bought this for a friend’s birthday in March 2020 but we never got around to meeting up after all and she has read it since…so I might end up reading, lol. Cover’s pretty.

I can’t think of any books myself, other than the already mentioned 50 Shades :thinking: I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that urban fantasy books are not my thing, and one of the reasons for that is VE Schwab, so I guess I won’t be reading any of her books. I also will probably never read the Bridgerton books because the Netflix show is guilty pleasure enough for me :joy::joy:


I attempted to read this one dark academia book about a witch who falls in love with a vampire or something, and it had like, no plot. Literally nothing. They adapted it into a tv show and it was used by a sleep aid by anyone who had hulu.

Any Shades of Grey, any Twilight. Most anything that is popular when it’s popular.


Colleen Hoover, Ana Huang, ACOTAR, that one author who does thinly veiled Reylo fics, Katee Whatsherface who did Neon Gods, Penelope Douglas. Anything where anyone bangs on page and/or with a plot that revolves around women fixing men with their manic pixie/meek/nlog-iness and their magical vagina powers (or vice versa).

Teetering on the edge for Cruel Prince. It’s in my ballpark but everyone seems convinced that that one page is covered in cum and i don’t really want to find out more.


Life is too short to read anything I know I won’t enjoy.

  • The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. It’s “philosophy” for idiots. I can’t take it seriously.

  • Harry Potter by that muggle. Trans Wizard Harriet Porber is a much better use of my time and money.

  • CoHo. Love a businesswoman but I fear she will fry my poor brain :frowning:

  • Brandon Sanderson books. Bad/ boring prose. I read Way of Kings a few years ago and thought it was the best thing ever. But now that I’ve read actually good prose, I can’t go back. But that applies to most of popular genre SFF which I have a hard time reading anyway.

  • Whatever hype self-help book the dude bros are reading. Some people need help and direction in their lives; I am not one of them.

  • Trendy YA books. All of them. I can’t bear to read YA.


If you like insane crossovers and anime, Akko Kagari and the Seven Stars is pretty good. It’s on Ao3 last I checked.

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I would read that.

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To be honest, most of the YA books they hype up on Goodreads are stuff that I would never read.


The ONLY medium I can truly ever stomach is manga/manhwa and webtoon/webcomics.

I mean there are some that are popular and overhyped (two of them I LOVE to death), but anything else just doesn’t interest me.

Yes, yes, One Piece is WAY too popular in both manga and anime, Tower of God is WAY too popular as a Korean webcomic, and yet I love it, personally.

For example: I tried getting into Berserk and that was an interesting experience for me. I couldn’t get into at all. Naruto bored me at some point, didn’t find Bleach that interesting manga wise, The God of High School (webcomic wise) doesn’t interest me the same way Tower of God does, Magi is a manga where the ending greatly upset me (more than Cage of Eden and that wasn’t even popular) and probably won’t read it again…ever, My Hero Academia is more appealing to me anime than manga wise, and Neon Genesis Evangelion is something I refuse to read in manga form.

Do not get me started on Detective Conan and freakin’ Hajime no Ippo.

Novel wise, there are WAY TOO MANY that will take me forever to list down in terms of not wanting to read.

I just can’t.


Trying to buy anything by Fukumoto in the USA is surprisingly difficult. I have never seen a full boxed set of any full run of his manga anywhere online, and certainly not in physical form. Did they just never get released??

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It doesn’t make sense to me XD

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Did you know there’s a sequel now? I thought it was going to be a standalone. I think the sequel is blue…

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Oooh, I liked Circe, Jonathan Strange, and Addie LaRue, but I took Midnight Library and Evelyn Hugo off my wishlist ages ago. Totally agree that Sally Rooney IS annoying, but I did like the two books I read by her despite the whining characters and the pretentious punctuation. Hard agree on the CoHo. Read one of her freebies on Amazon, and it was the stupidest book I ever read. Had to DNF less than halfway through. I remember taking a look at Priory of the Orange Tree, but gave it a pass for some reason that I can’t remember now.

The only books I won’t read are trendy YA. I don’t know why, but any books meant for teens these days make me gag. I did like the old ones, like Catcher in the Rye, Chocolate War, A Separate Peace, etc. but teens seem to hate those books. The last teen book I liked was Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon. Everything since then has been…erm…nothing wrong with other people liking them, of course, but they’re just not for me. (ノ_<、)


I really do want to read this one but every time I consider getting it, I reconsider and get something else :sweat_smile: It feels like something I would like, but I just can’t get myself to get it.

I feel like a lot of things these days are fae, royalty, human girls that find out they are fae or royalty or both, and with some dark academia sprinkled in for funzies. Not saying every book is like this, but I feel like the publishing industry has exhausted fae :sweat_smile:


Just watch the TV show. That’s what I did :wink:

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