What are you doing right now?

I’m a little bored and procrastinating on reading lol, but thought I’d randomly ask anyway since the forums seem a bit dead today.

Where are you? What are you doing? What should you be doing? What time is it currently? What’s the weather like?

As I’m writing this, it’s 9:33am. I’m at work. The library just opened thirty minutes ago (though I’ve been here since 8am). Today, I opened the children’s department which honestly isn’t hard at all. Usually the mornings have been really slow down here, and even upstairs sometimes, so there’s been no one. Okay, I’d be lying if I said there’s been no patrons. I’ve seen two people walk in… but they came in only to go upstairs to the main section of the library lol.

The weather is very cold. It’s cloudy at twenty-one degrees (-6C), which is pretty much the coldest day out of the week. It was like 30 degrees (-1C) earlier this week when it snowed… :sweat_smile: So, that might just mean it’ll be a slow day today (in regard to patron traffic lol).

What exactly am I doing… besides writing this? Just sitting, waiting for someone to come in and look around. I actually don’t have anything to do (work wise) yet, not until about 10am when I’m relieved and go upstairs to print off stuff and call people for their overdue books. However, I am procrastinating on reading. :rofl:

Bonus: Do you have anything planned for the weekend? If you’re an American, do you have anything planned for the holidays this upcoming week?

I don’t really have anything planned… for either. xD

For this weekend, my main thing is to clean. And I have got to clean my bedding. This is a little gross so if you can’t handle gross stuff… skip away…


So, I sleep on a bean bag chair (sort of bean bag—it’s filled with foam, not beans—not important… anyway!) because my parents bought me one for Christmas last year and it was too big to fit in my room (and house), plus my bed frame was broken and I didn’t have the money to buy another one at the time, so I’ve been using it as a bed (it’s not too shabby, honestly). However, my cat brought in a mouse and… well, I think I crushed it or something. I found a dead, completely flat, mouse underneath my bed and I haven’t had time to actually clean the bean bag chair… :face_vomiting: so it’s on my to-do list! The first thing I’ll clean! It’s also kind of annoying because it was smelling in my room, but the cat box is in my room as well, so I’ve just thought it was the cat box this entire time… But nope. It’s been the decomposing mouse. :upside_down_face:

But yeah, I just need to clean everything which, thankfully, the main house is fine. We also set up for Christmas, too!

Other than that, I just want to do some reading and writing this weekend. I’m planning on going to our local cafe tomorrow morning with my little sister and I could do some writing there.

As for Thanksgiving, we don’t have anything planned. We don’t necessarily celebrate it other than just stuff our faces with food, but I do hope we can play some games and watch Christmas movies. c: I’m also super excited that I get three full days off! Two of which are paidddd! Next week should be a breeze when it comes to work. I only work Monday and Tuesday, then I’m off Wednesday—Friday. I work again on Saturday, but then I get Sunday off. Ugh, so amazing to actually get holidays off. At my other job, I always worked holidays and I couldn’t take time off unless I requested it off, and most of the time, I couldn’t necessarily do that because we were always short staffed.


I’m wondering about the canon of Powerwolf and wondering how a human man can wrestle an angel in the order of thrones.


Right now, I am doing nothing but watching YouTube and anime…and trying not to let my negative thoughts completely consume me.

I wanted to write but my mind is not in the right space to write and get creative. So, I am thinking (a lot and negatively) and doing the same shit I always do…nothing.

Sorry to be a downer. I am just really upset at myself and life in general.


Tryna find new survival games.

…It’s not working.

(And debating whether to ignore my prescriber and inject my medication early because I’m falling apart rn)


This will make you feel better

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I’m on break at work for the next hour. Then I gotta go back to stocking the website and designing covers for one of our catalogs.

Got nothing planned this weekend, except for writing (lol) and buying and wrapping Christmas presents. It’s gonna be nice. :3


I don’t think he could win against an angel. Unless the angel has the strength of a human? :thinking:

What on YouTube are you watching?

And I hope they won’t. :sadhug:

I’m sorry… :sadhug:

I know how that feels… and it’s okay. Sometimes, it’s okay to not do anything and to let yourself cry, be upset, and hate what’s happening right now. But it’s also important to not stay in that dark place for too long or else you’ll be consumed by darkness. It’s definitely hard to get out, and sometimes, nearly impossible to. I’ve been down those roads many times before.

Sometimes, I find it helpful to write about how I feel in the moment. Or watch or read something where someone is also having a hard time and just sob over their problems.

But anyway, I hope you get out of this dark place… :sadhug:

What kind of survival games are you looking for? If you’re interested in horror survival, I definitely recommend Alien: Isolation and the Forest! If you’re looking for something that isn’t too scary, I suggest Subnautica! c:

Awh… I hope you feel better! :sadhug:

Ah break. Can’t wait for my lunch break. xD I’m back in children’s for the rest of the hour (about thirty minutes to go now) and then I get an hour lunch break! Woo!

And that sounds so cool! I’ve always envied graphic designers/cover artists because they’re so good at what they do. :sweat_smile:

Ugh… don’t remind me. :rofl: I love Christmas shopping (sometimes) but it can often be a pain, especially when you’re out of money. :sweat_smile: I just got another credit card so I could buy presents with it since I probably won’t be able to with normal money. :upside_down_face: Oh, and then I also have to find a present for a co-worker since we’re doing Secret Santa which hopefully will be easy… :sweat_smile:

But it sounds lovely! I really love wrapping presents while listening to Christmas music. There’s a comfort to it that is so relaxing.

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I am watching people’s desk setup aesthetic.
Thank you.

I hope so too and thank you very much.
I just need to get away from it all and do something to better me and my mental health.

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Jacob won! (>‿◠):v:

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Nah, the angel let him win

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True! ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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I was going to make a funny (to me at least) yet inappropriate comment but wasn’t sure if I should still do it.



Do it! You can always delete afterward if it’s truly offensive. (>‿◠):v:


Writing the weirdest story.


The Angel: Wow, Jacob you’re really good at wrestling.

Jacob: panting You’re not bad yourself.

The Angel: I can’t believe you managed to beat me.

Jacob: Yeah, well, I try, and it was hard, but I pulled through.

The Angel: Yeah, that was fun and pretty great.

Jacob: Thanks.

The Angel: …You’re still going to hell though, but at you can be proud of yourself…I guess

Jacob: Yeah…wait…WHAT???

The Angel: Yeah, sorry, you defeated an Angel at wrestling. How am I going to explain that to God and the other angels?

Jacob: I…don’t know.

The Angel: Well, don’t think too much about it. Now, you’ll have a new friend to wrestle…Satan. Take care.

Jacob: Wait…I-

The Angel: Poor sap doesn’t even realize I let him win.

Yeah, it is long but whatever. LOL!


hm, i just finished the final exam for one of my classes and now i’m having a lil snack + breather before i have to speedy pack a bag and try to make it to my parents’ place before the sun sets. i reeeeeeaaally don’t want to be driving through moose country in the dark with barely a winter tire to my name :sob:


At the moment we’re discussing maybe going out to dinner tonight. It’s only 3:00 pm right now, though, so our plans are likely to change in that time. (♯^.^ღ)

Right now it’s freezing cold! I’m in Florida and the temperature’s about 60°F/15°C but sunny and bright. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


That is the biggest lie I have heard. Freezing cold my butt! That’s our summer!



I am staring at my computer screen at the moment, wondering if I should bother trying to finish the chapter I started writing Wednesday, or instead work on some art.

The weather here is averaging in the fifties with lows in the thirties.

There’s really nothing I SHOULD be doing. That can all wait for tomorrow. Today was the last day at school before a week long break, and the kids were somewhat squirrely…

Tomorrow I get to go see Chris Daughtry in concert (This will be my SECOND Time). I am very much looking forward to that. The venue is VERY local (within ten minutes).

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