What are you looking for in novel series these days? (PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING)

So, I am very much considering becoming a published author.
The thing is that I plan on going with trad-pub because I don’t have it in me to do self-publishing. That screams too high maintenance for me to do and financially, I can’t even make it possible in the way I want to.

So, traditional publishing is more my speed even though the waiting period does freak me out, but waiting is another process of writing, regardless of my terrible impatience.

My story idea doesn’t seem like something traditional publishers would lean towards. It feels like my story is more geared towards indie/self-publishing for how out there it is.

Like this is the gist of what my novel is about:

The Idea

a princess gets into an accident that nearly claims her life, but during that time she is saved by an outside force that enters her body. That outside force happens to be a divine ancestor of hers who barely escaped from a terrible holy war and entered her descendant’s body to heal yet ended up saving her life. As the princess gets older, she develops mysterious powers which awakens the force within her. Eventually, she faces her ancestor who tells her that she will be targeted and not only that, she is selected to become the next Nirvana. This places the princess in a position where she is targeted and her lifespan is what grant the universe balance and the ability to thrive.

The problem is that this idea is too out there and trad-publishers might not lean towards that. Maybe I am second guessing myself and worrying over nothing. I just want to know if anybody would give this story idea a chance if they caught it in a bookstore.

I am still figuring so much of this idea out. So, things will be a smidge different and hopefully work better for me.

I understand I am worrying about this too early in the game when I am only on chapter 2, but I need a goal and I reason to keep pushing and to keep going even when all else fails.

I need serious motivation for myself and to know if this story does matter in the end. I mean it does, but I need to know just how much of it is that important.

What are your thoughts on this?
What books are you looking for these day in bookstores, libraries, online, and etc?
What genres do you lean towards?
How would you make my story idea make sense and really pop in your own way?

Thoughts and feelings?



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All I ask is that the author

A. Isn’t ablesit towards people who are unable to speak

B Has a concrete idea of what the overall tone is

C Has fun writing


Explain the first one a bit?

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Carry Motherfucking On

People who can’t speak or hear can’t do magic in that series.

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Oh, I remember you stating how much you hated that book, correct?

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Just don’t do that and you’ll have more fun!


Thanks for the tip! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone else?

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  1. Don’t preach at me, for goodness sake. If you want to incorporate themes into your story, fair enough. Do it in such a way that it doesn’t compromise the plot, characters, or general quality. Make me care about the importance of the message and write it well within the plot.

  2. More novels that aren’t written traditionally but still make sense. Something with variety in it. Please, don’t bore me to death with a 600-page hero’s journey. Interest me. And if you’re gonna do fantasy, stop using medieval themes, for goodness sake. Be interesting.

  3. Shorter books. Please. Please. Please? Break it up into two if you have to. Make the chapters smaller/ Don’t make you damn romance story 500 pages.

Drama, action, sometimes sci-fi, litfic, slice of life.

Just make the characters interesting and unique. Make it your own, make it interesting. DO NOT SANITIZE IT. Have fun with the idea, and show your passion through it.


I write fantasy set in the futuristic era where magic and advanced tech coexist with each.

I honestly hate old timey fantasy like that.


Well, how short we taking? I could do twenty-five chapters that are 1k to 2k long in I can.


The most important rule for me at least.


Oh yes, sounds good. Sounds like a mix of Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

Me too.

Yeah, even 1-3k sounds good. Sweet spot.

Yes! :smiley:


Personally I don’t think your idea is too “out there” for traditional publishing to pick up. I mean, they picked up Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. Those concepts were a little “out there” in their time too, but they made for a good story. Your story sounds like it has a solid premise and an intriguing world. I don’t see why a traditional publisher wouldn’t pick it up. I would read it if it came out in bookstores/libraries. It sounds like a good fantasy book.


Thanks so much!
The execution is very important for this idea and more.


Honestly idgaf what a story is about these days so long as it doesnt have random sex scenes that have absolutely no purpose in the story or glorifying abusive relationships.

But personally i’m more of an action-thriller girl :sweat_smile:

Your idea does sound pretty good.

But if youre planning to go traditional publishing, try not to get too attached to it. Traditional publishers can be very . . . Uh . . . Let’s be nice and say they can be “picky”


I think I know your pain. Series fiction seems to be where it’s at right now, especially for self-published writers. Although trad-pubbed ones like Sarah J. Maas and Brandon Sanderson make their money through series fics too. I want to come up with some kind of story arc that could carry on for several books, but am having trouble coming up with something that can last for more than one book.

Also Churro’s right–shorter books are in demand now. I think Michelle Schusterman on YouTube made a video about it recently, and she’s published by one of the big five.


Shorter books, huh?


@Qualeshia12 This may just be the weaboo in me talking, but light novels are series that are made up of very short, easy to read books. I recommend taking that approach so that you don’t end up writing something like Mission Earth series, which is roughly 1.1 million words (a cure for insomnia indeed). To compare, the King James version of the Bible is 783,137 words, the New International verison is 727, 969 words, the Talmund is 1,860,131 words, the Qur’an is 77915 words. The Complete Speeches of Winston Churchill actually exceeds the total word count of Mission Earth, calling it a doorstopper is an understatement.