What are you reading/writing?

Hello! Is anyone out there?! (Echo… Echo…)

Just been in a mood to ask what is everyone reading/writing?

What genre do you think is the most popular right now?

What genre are you reading/writing?

What genre do you wish would be more popular?

For Me:

I have been in a kick for Mafia Romance/Military Romance. I wish there was more Military books out there!


Currently, I’m not reading anything because :sparkles: uni :sparkles: but I do plan to start reading Temple of Skulls so it’s on my to-do list :joy: Currently I’m writing the first draft of book 6 of my series and completing the final edits on book one before publishing wooooo :joy:

I will be reading Action-Thriller but I write Science-Fantasy

Action-Thrillers. Love a good Action-Thriller

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I’ve been reading a lot of Wattpad books lately, mostly in the fantasy genre :smiley: namely Whisper of Blade by MiyaHikari, Siren Song by Unboundwings, Ashes to Ashes by TheConfusedTurtle, and Rhodoreef by SuVida777. I’ve also read all the short stories posted by APotatoIndeed (which you must check out; they’re amazing and extremely underrated!) and a bit of Orcus’ Child: When Morals Die by ibbyafzmedia.

As for writing, I’m currently working on an NA dark fantasy novel titled Blood Will Tell. I haven’t written much of it over the past few weeks, though :sweat_smile:

Romance. Without a doubt. Not to say that all other genres are unpopular—fantasy is popular too—but romance still beats them in the popularity game. I just need to look at the Wattpad homepage to remind myself of that :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Mystery/Thriller, and paranormal books that aren’t werewolf/vampire romances.

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Yes! Action-Thrillers!! (Ha- That is basically all I write! I have been trying to spread my wings… But time just flies by too quickly!)

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I will def have to check those out!!! I need to add more books to my lists!

OHHH Love the title!!! I feel ya! Writing lately have been awful for me! I just can’t get into… I have millions of plot ideas, but once I sit down to write my ADHD kicks in! Ha!

Always Romance… I used to hate it sooo much! Ha! I started to write a couple of romance books to get back into it, since I always tend to do Mystery/Thriller/Action/Assassin/Military genre…

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Woo! They’re so fun to read. Hope you’re having fun writing them :blush:


Hi there :wink: I’m reading Perdido Street Station by China Mieville. Very slowly though because I’m also trying to finish a story before November. And I only have 5 days. And I’m not at the climax. Eeesh :grimacing: I want to have it done, so I can do NaNo.

I’m reading…I think it’s adult fantasy. Adult dystopian idk-what this thing is fantasy XD There should be a genre called fever dream fantasy.

I’m writing portal fantasy :smile: It’s my second portal fantasy novel to write.

Well, seems that in fantasy, the royal court with fae or other mythical humanoid creatures is not going anywhere. Dark academia is here to stay. And those cutesy romance and human drama fiction stories seem to be popular as well.

Well, maybe some seafaring pirate fantasy adventure.


I was inspired by Akko Kagari and The Seven Stars, basically Harry Potter with Little Witch Academia characters, so I’m making Voltron: Defender of All Life, which is Voltron: Legendary Defender/GoLion with Gakkou Gurashi characters. It’s really fun.

I wish that the kind of Fantasy you see in Overlord was more popular in the west.

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YA fantasy romance. It just keeps going even after the death knell that was Lightlark. Honestly, mad props.

Less of a genre and more of a ”vibe”: Dark Academia is still going strong — Babel was the biggest preorder at Waterstones this year, and there’s the recent anniversary reissue of The Secret History.

And ”cosy reads”, the low stakes, happy, “wholesome” stuff everyone seems to want these days. Cosy romance, cosy fantasy, cosy fiction, cosy murder mystery (the irony!).

I’m writing a gay novel. So… gay fiction? The gay novel? General fiction? Literary fiction?

Reading… oh boy. At the moment it’s Our Share of Night (fiction/ horror), The End of the End of the Earth (essays), The View from Castle Rock (short stories), The Prophet (poetry).

And a lot of critical theory and philosophy for work stuff. Frankfurt school, new school and Homer’s Odyssey. Fun stuff.

Nature writing.

Like hello? We talk about the environment so much but don’t actually pick up books about it? We’re more likely to grasp the environmental crisis that’s happening right now if we read about the stuff that’s right outside of our house instead of some general global report and statistics. That’s not to say all nature writing is doom and gloom — there’s lots of positive stuff too like rewilding efforts.


Just been in a mood to ask what is everyone reading/writing?

I’m about halfway through We’ve Always Lived in the Castle. So far it’s really good!

What genre do you think is the most popular right now?

Paranormal romance

What genre are you reading/writing?

Reading a gothic mystery. Writing contemporary litfic about incels, so maybe crime fiction too in a way…?

What genre do you wish would be more popular?

Omg I really wish literary steampunk was a thing. Deep, profound, layered, “thinking man’s” steampunk. U^ェ^U


Reading: Nothing.

Writing: Three-ish projects or at least trying to.

Couldn’t tell ya.

Reading: Nothing.

Writing: Science-Fantasy.

I want to say Science-Fantasy, but I think I prefer to go with something else.
If such a thing exists, let me know. But I would love to see Cosmic Horror in an Epic Fantasy setting with some magic.

Just Curious.

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I’m currently writing a YA sci-fi fantasy. c:

Romance and fantasy…

I’m reading… technically… three books.

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera—a YA contemporary.

Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn—an adult historical romance.

The Other Side of Perfect by Markio Turk—a YA contemporary.

Science fiction. Historical fiction. Horror.

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I’m boring… I’m not reading much these days, but I have started to re-read Tolkien’s The Children of Hurin once more. Such a good read, full of honoured deeds, and yet full of dark failings also.

As for writing… Still going forth with The Endurlon…


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I’m reading a few books but I haven’t touched them in a few weeks. I might pick up one tomorrow morning and it’s most likely going to be Anatomy by Dana Schwartz. I’m outlining my NaNo project and my backup project.

Fantasy romance.

Reading- romance, ya, sci-fi, historical fiction, mystery, and fantasy.

Writing- dark fantasy and romance

Sci-fi space operas.

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