What are you working on now?

Since some of us are NaNo-ing, I thought it must be time for this question again.

What are you working on now?

Tell me everything and anything.
Title, MC name, world name, era, setting, genre, an aesthetic board, inspiration pics…tell me something about what you’re working on now. It can be all the things I listed, or one of them.

Might also ask you to share your recent favorite sentence you wrote for that story. Be prepared :grin:

I’ll write mine later below.


I shall return :relieved:


I’m writing Song of Achilles, except it takes place in a fictional European type country during the Georgian/regency era. And the discovery of Pompeii during the 1700s in real life? That happens there, except that Pompeii has a different name and it’s in the same fictional country; in fact, the city where this story takes place is right under the volcano. And instead of the Trojan war, there’s a volcanic eruption at the end that buries everyone! ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)


Title: I am having serious trouble with the title and I don’t know if Red Reign will work as I originally thought.
Main Character: Isilynor Jorildyn Renna eins Naivin-Calverstone.
World Name: Relkilia
Era: Futuristic.
Setting: Sovereignty of Alagossia, Imperial City of Soliania.
Genre: Epic Science-Fantasy
No aesthetic board and inspiration pics, since I no longer use Pinterest anymore.

The Story

The gist of the story is Isilynor got into an accident that nearly claim her life, but one of her ancestors traveled to the future where they entered her body, causing Isilynor to cheat death, yet gain mysterious awakening powers and more. After she grows up, strange things start happening to her and much later she learns that she has been chosen to be the Lightbringer or the new Nirvana.

That means her lifespan and powers keep the the cosmos balance and at peace from any and every threat. If she were to die, the universe and more will cease to exist, but there always needs to be a Nirvana and that Nirvana needs to be female.

The next Nirvana will be her eldest daughter and Isilynor will be apart of the universe.

That is all I got for the time being.


I’m just working on the same thing I’m always working on.


This thing 🥲

In a war-torn city divided by sectarian conflict, the lives of its inhabitants are marred by haunting memories of past horrors. At the heart of this turmoil is Hidayat, a young man existing on the improbable spectrum between reality and non-existence. His unique status draws the attention of Yocha, the elusive deity of the Labyrinth, who believes Hidayat’s improbable existence destabilizes the realm.

Hidayat’s story intertwines with that of others in the city. Hidayat’s brother fiercely clings to his beliefs, leading a group aiming to destroy Arymh, their enemies. Isaac, an Arymh refugee, becomes an unintended target of Hidayat’s brotherly approval-seeking, enduring abuse despite his attempts at friendship. Mari, a caregiver in the city’s clinic, navigates the chaos, trying to help others amidst the conflict.

As the tension escalates, Yocha manipulates events, traumatizing Hidayat further and pushing him to the brink. Despite Hidayat’s attempts to change his path and protect those around him, societal prejudices persist, leaving him isolated and vulnerable.


Don’t cry! PLEASE DON’T SHED ANY TEARS!!!:frowning:


I have seen the light after trying Adderall for the first time and now I low key don’t want to even attempt doing anything else until I get more.

Doing things was just so easy?


Do you find yourself working on the same story idea with different twists and such?

I have been doing that constantly with Red Reign.
I’m not even on Adderall, but rather Strattera instead.

Im working on another story since I finished my last. It’s a fantasy comedy between two witches that get thrown in a quest to save their town, both set out to prove they are more than their past.


I’ve not settled on a title yet. Just a Vampire that’s grumpy, and a Water Sprite.


Grumpy/sunshine romance is in right now! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

I never get a lot of traction, so I doubt that in or not, that it will matter. But it’s fun.

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That’s an interesting twist of all kinds of events :grin:

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Did you change the name of the world again? :stuck_out_tongue: Or is this a completely new place?

I do like this because if you want to do a series you can do alliteration. Red Reign, Blue…Battle, Green Games…idk, it just seems like you could have fun with it :wink:


That sounds interesting! Could you tell me more about the witches and the magic in this world?

Is that the one where I misread and thought the vampire was being hugged by a water sprite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like a complex, dark, dramatic story :open_mouth: What’s the technology like? What are they using to fight? For some reason, I imagined vast mountainous rocky lands, but what is the setting like in the story?

Brand new world.

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Last night, my mind would not shut up at all.

It kept telling me to combine both Project Nirvana and Project Tenth Night into one singular novel series.

Geez. Now, Red Reign is pretty much pointless at this point.


My brain tells me similar things like, “What if the world of Jack Of All Trades is actually connected to Pandora’s underwater fantasy? I mean, you did have a country called Trident where allegedly some scientist went off to discover Atlantis… you know they could be the same world?”

I’m so tempted XD