What are your character's failures and accomplishments?

Come on down and list them now!

Bonus Questions:

  1. What is your character’s likable trait and their biggest flaw?

  2. What is your character’s morals and philosophies?


She’s an alcoholic, but she catches a criminal at the end of the book. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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Cool, but does she fix her alcoholism?
What I mean is does she work towards getting a decent or good handle on her alcoholism?

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I think it’ll probably end with her finally realizing it’s a problem, and just starting to address it. I’m not sure yet…


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Oh cool. I wish her luck.

Want to tackle the bonus questions? I just put them up.

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Hmmm… :thinking:

Biggest flaw? She’s very lookist, at least insofar as herself. She thinks all her value is in her looks, although she doesn’t think that way about other people. She also stalks her ex-husband and tries to break up his new marriage.

Likable trait? I’ll have to think about that more. I personally love her, but I’m not sure why. (♯^.^ღ)

Morals and philosophies? I know she’s ordinarily moral since she’s normally a very professional psychologist, but the divorce has turned her into an unhinged woman. As for philosophies, I’ll have to ponder that one more.

How about your characters?

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I shall get back to you with my comments tomorrow.


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She’s ambitious, a sharp tongue, and a sharp shooter. Her biggest flaw is her impatience/temper. She can come off as spoiled.

As for the second question, in the main book, she’s very loyal to her mob family’s legacy, wanting to do better than her father did (he passed), and is normally the “I’ll figure it out all on my own” type. Over the course of the prequel (which I’m still writing) and the main book that’s being edited, she grows to become more open minded/willing to rely on others. She also has some traumas that she works through in the main book.

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Decided to go with the secondary antagonist.

V is charismatic, charming, and warm. With an easy smile and calming, understanding presence.

On the other hand, he’s an extremist. Desperate and willing, which means he’ll do whatever he deems necessary to reach his goal. No matter the cost.

His morals are of his own creation, but by societies standards he’s ambiguous. His thoughts range on the side of nihilism, mixed with a conflicting need to prove that life does have meaning, and that he (everyone) are worthy of it, despite what society thinks.

Very Us vs. The World mentality.

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He is the Champion of Champions of the gladiatorial arena. He lost someone he loved not once, but twice to be one. First time because he was young and naive, second time, because there was no other way to honor his lover.

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Bethany is the top of her school in a Mean Girls, Regina George type of way. That’s her accomplishment. But that’s all she is and that’s her failure because it’ll get her later when she realizes she doesn’t have true friends and needs them.

Let me tell you about my immortal assassin Richard. His accomplishment is never being caught by police. His failure is his assassin organization. Once a successful network of crime, his greed made everyone unhappy and the organization fizzled away.


Geldrid has a knowledge of much within Arillion, its history, its peoples, and its future to be… Yet he doubts his own self worth, his ability to assist in the troubles of Arillion, and if what he does is truly worth the effort of his labours…

This started when he could not save his childhood friend. Something that has haunted his life since, and brings doubt within his mind to what he has ordained himself to accomplish for the freedom of Arillion.

To live free of thraldom, or under a dominion of higher powers. To grow beyond what has gone before, in peace and harmony with the world, and each other.


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