What do you consider PJs (pajamas) or rather sleepwear?

Well, do you sleep in a old shirt and shorts/pants or actual clothes made for sleeping in ?

What are your thoughts?


Depends on what I grab out of my closet because I sometimes sleep in actual PJs or, what I most often do, is sleep in leggings and an undershirt. Sometimes a T-shirt, but that’s usually if I have no undershirts.

I don’t like sleeping nude—it feels weird. And I don’t own a single pair of shorts of any fabric type. I have, however, slept in actual clothes (like jeans and sweaters, etc.) because as a teen, it was so much easier getting ready in the morning. I stopped doing that a few years back, though if I’m too lazy to put something else on or don’t have enough leggings/PJ pants, then yeah I’ll swear jeans and a T-shirt.

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I do agree that sleeping nude is weird. Though it does depend on location…and person overall.

Got a mix of both

I have pajamas made for sleeping, most being a shirt or tank top + shorts or long pants combo made of comfy material
I still have some pajama dresses, but not many, I prefer the shirt + pants type of PJs

The other kind I have are large or XL shirts that dad gave me, I’m rather small so they fit like short dresses

Very rarely will I wear actual clothes to bed, I prefer changing into something comfortable at least

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I don’t blame you.
Some women wear bras to bed and I am just like “huh?” when I hear that.

Not all women have comfortable form-fitting bras.
Depending on a female, to wear a bra that isn’t comfortable and feels like nothing is there to bed…is mind-boggling to me.

People also wear socks to bed too. I can TOTALLY understand that if you are constantly cold. If you don’t get cold and you just like wearing socks to bed, no comment.

You gotta do, what you gotta do!

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Tank tops and large t-shirts with short-shorts or just panties. I don’t like sleeping with long pajama pants, makes me feel uncomfortable.

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Literally anything that is comfy to sleep in

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Same here.

The comfier the better!

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Usually sweatpants and a t-shirt in the winter and basketball shorts and a t-shirt or tank in the summer.

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tbh most of the time i sleep in my day clothes

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Whatever I fall asleep in is PJs enough for me. Dad made enough money for us to have clothes. Mom was bad at managing funds. So whatever clothing I didn’t complain about lacking didn’t happen. So I didn’t own a single set of night clothes as a teen.

But even then, I’ve got night clothes for my kids, they would rather be in their underwear.

As I have a son who will be 3 next year, PJs will be a Tshirt and shirt, minimum. Don’t need to have him remembering naked mama into adulthood.

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I have pajama clothes which were sold as pajama clothes. Top and pants loose fitting. I don’t like sleeping in my day clothes. Makes me feel icky like I didn’t actually go to bed :stuck_out_tongue: Long pants and long-sleeved shirt for fall and winter, short pants and short-sleeved shirt for summer. Spring is awkward. I might do long on top and short on bottom or vice versa.

I don’t like nightgowns because they ride up and in the end, it’s almost like there was no point in sleeping in it.

I don’t like pajamas that have buttons down the front. I like the pullover, shirt types. I also like them to be matching either be the same design top and bottom, or match in terms of color. I know no one is going to actually see me sleep, but why not be a little fashionable? :wink:

And yes, I’m particular about my pajamas because it must be comfortable.


Pj people, what is your night time sock situation? a poll here

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What is sleep?

Joking aside, it’s kinda mild so I’m wearing a t-shirt and underwear at the moment. I usually am minus the t-shirt in the summer and plus sweatpants with the t-shirt in winter.

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