What do you think of my wiki on Elgana's Hybrids?

So, I fixed the wiki of Elgana’s Hybrid Race on my website. That’s the only one I fixed. I didn’t fix any of the links attached to the article, so don’t go to those.

I want to know how easy or difficult it is to understand/read this Wiki. As you can tell from the directions to look at other articles, I do try to expand on the lore and answer people’s questions if they have them while reading the wiki.

This is the article

Hybrids used to be called Halfhumans, but I decided to call them Hybrids. If you see “halfhuman” in there, that means I must’ve missed it, so let me know.

There’s a section that says “Magical Power” and it used to say “Power”, but I wanted to differentiate it from political power.

If you have suggestions for other topic categories, please let me know. If you’re confused and have questions, please do ask. It would help me make the article clearer.

Thank you!


It’s neatly set up. Don’t know if I’m firing on all cylinders, yet.


The only error I noticed is descriminate should be discriminate, and it all seems clear and concise to me. Very well done! (*^-‘) 乃

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oh thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I was typing on my laptop and the spellcheck is turned off on that one, so I didn’t catch it :sweat_smile:


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