What do you think of this premise?

Everly Hewitt is a 25 believer in the research of Altair Harlow. Who proved that Demons are in fact real. But that Angels are entities not of this mortal plane. However, Demons or Daemons, can enter the mortal plane as they please. Which they finally did in 2012.

Altair Harlow researched Daemons at the Vatican and was revealed to be the Daemon Lord, (Algan).
Altair destroyed the Vatican and by doing so Catholicism and the rest of religion.

People lived in fear of the Daemons and during a war, which the humans lost, they managed to build a wall, around the remaining groups of humans, and they started to live inside these walls.
Every 30 years, Altair Harlow visited one of these colonies or groups and asked for 1 virgin. One young woman who came of age on the night of the Blue Moon.
Since these girls are rare, Altair tried to turn these girls into his bride and subsequently into Daemons as well. Which failed. They died a horribly painful death.

Death or Thanatos, was said to enter the mortal plane in order to take these young women to their next life. Only for him to be chained, and his blood fed to the young women during the ritual. Which made their blood burn and boil in their veins.

Causing the agonizing painful death.

Thanatos, saddened and broken by seeing these deaths. Vowed to take revenge on Altair. Claim his throne for himself and become the Daemon King.

Everly Hewitt, is a young woman born on the Blue Moon. At midnight to be exact. When the Moon had reached its apex.
This was hidden from the colony she lived in. And from Altair.
Until he found out.

Everly is taken by force. Thanatos kidnaps her. They have to travel by foot or by car. Or by plane. Since Everly wounded him. Using an Obsidian Dagger. Thanatos, needing to heal, but also having to guard Everly, doesn’t treat her kindly. Yet his heart warms up to her. He falls in love with her. But hides it with hostility towards her.

During a thunderstorm, when Everly is terrified, due to a childhood memory of seeing her younger sister be electrocuted to death by lightning, Thanatos calms her down. Everly shares the memory.

Thanatos softly cries for the soul he couldn’t guide. Now trapped as a ghost.
Everly thinks she sometimes hears Emory’s laughter. But when it’s revealed that Everly briefly died and Emory saved her life during that storm, Everly feels immense guilt.

She begs Thanatos to just teleport her to Altair, accepting her fate. But Thanatos refuses. In an argument, he reveals he fell for her. Loving her more than his own life. Telling Everly he will gladly be killed if it meant that she would be safe from harm.

Everly kisses him and he returns the kiss. Resulting in a passionate lovey-dovey scene between the two. Smutty even.

Thanatos leaves the bed and tells Everly who he really is: Death.

Everly, shocked to hear this, asks what his true motive is. Thanatos reveals that he is to bring Everly to Arthur but that he will claim Arthur’s throne.
Having become a Daemon himself.

Death, no longer just the personification of Death but also a Daemon, scares Everly. That night, she escapes. But ends up in the hands of a Daemon Gang.
They almost kill her but brutally beat her. Thinking Altair will just cast her aside and they can dethrone him. But Thanatos shows up. Brutally murdering the gang and saving Everly.

He begs her to live. Begs her to stay.
He gives her his blood. Which doesn’t kill her. This time the ritual works. But Everly is linked to Death. Not to Altair.

Please let me know what you think of this + any questions that pop up in your head that need to be answered!

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If you were to describe the entire premise of your idea in one sentence or less, what would you tell me?


Girl gets kidnapped by Death who works for a demon lord, Death has to kill her but they fall in love instead.


Fantastic! That’s really intriguing!

Also it reminds me of this which I love:

The outline looks like it will work.

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