What happened in your latest novel's chapter?

Remember to explain in great detail if you can.

Also, you can explain a bit of a chapter you are working on or if you’ve finished it entirely.

I don’t want this thread to disappear so fast.
So, you are free to share what happened in your latest chapter of your current novel whenever you want.

Or any novel if you want.
If there are spoilery stuff or triggering themes or something else bad, hide them.

Keep the comments flowing!



Bonus Question:

What is the last paragraph you’ve written from your latest chapter? Post it down!

Let’s have fun with this and enjoy ourselves!

The last chapter I recently revised was chapter nine. There’s multiple scenes, but basically…

My MC, Nicolas, and his whole crew of soldiers just got magical powers from these magical beings called the Koelegians. Parts of the chapter focus on them training, and the last bit of it focus on the mysteries of a supporting character, Hiroko, who randomly shows up. She was the one who told Nicolas to come here (a hidden city called Koeleg) but her information is wiped from any database, so he’s not sure how or why she knows anything.

Then it ended on the princess of Koeleg telling Nicolas that he gets to now fly his new dragon. c:


Oooh! That sounds interesting!
What exactly does Nicolas do far as job requirement or certain duties?

Also, I have a “character” named Nicholas as well, but he is a royal prince and I don’t have a story for him…yet.

Also, I love how people take the same name and spell it so differently.

Oh what fun!


I come on Wacky and the first five threads were created by you XD Not calling you out. Just found it funny :stuck_out_tongue: (because you did say you were going to take a longish break, yet, here you are :wink: The forums are not the same without you)

I’m not going to say what parts are spoilers because I don’t think you can tell anyway :stuck_out_tongue: So much has happened and been revealed to the characters at this point that explaining what happened in the last chapter will only be confusing to you and not spoilery.

The only thing I will add is that Bethany now goes by her middle name Vivienne.

In the latest chapter...

Vivienne has just given a speech to scold the princes and the soldiers because they were being stupid and arguing with each other. The deer folk have come to aid them with some resources and they all learn who the deer folk are.

Everyone comes over to apologize to Vivienne. Marcus and Scorvius respect her boundaries and refrain from their pursuit. Marcus remains at her side and they have a moment, sitting together, talking, wondering what will happen.

Marcus is glad she is here.

Then he goes to bed.

Vivienne gets hit in the feels and has a moment.

Vivienne falls asleep outside and wakes at a sense of being watched. Some spy attacks and turns out to be Alfie who takes off the bracelet to turn back to a snake and slither away. Strange, because the bracelet isn’t supposed to work anymore. Now everyone is on high alert and they don’t know if the Rat Queen will come to attack.

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Yeah…I did, didn’t I?

Still, I do enjoy being here, maybe too much though…

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Why not be here if you enjoy it? :wink:

Questions about the chapter? I can answer questions.

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It’s distracting.
I enjoy the community and interacting with people on here, but I do it so much in a way like most other things don’t matter.

ADHD just goes crazy when it comes to this place.

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Far as where it is going and how long it will be.
In chapter one, my MC named Jorildyn and her fellow Knights are traveling to another country with her client who is a princess of another country to discuss issues pertaining to her nation.

Yet, trouble strikes in the form of an unknown foe who appears from nowhere.

Things start to get bad from there.

In the last chapter of the story I am writing “This is the Way the World Ends”:

Jacob Miles, Victor Sierra Wandered turned Vampire, is struggling to keep it together after so long on the ocean in the middle of nuclear winter. They are lost on the Atlantic with no GPS or other means by which to navigate (being that the cloud cover is blotting out any hint of the sky). Food is running low, both for him, the dhampir Enrique, and for the human crew who man and help run the trawler, The Half Breed. He is trying to keep Enrique from reverting to the cannibalistic ways Jacob once hunted him for. As he struggles with the physical toll of trying to save himself and the crew, he is also struggling with past demons.
As he goes to the helm to try and escape the pressures on him, he manages to spot land, a volcanic island on the horizon - a sight for sore eyes after so long at sea, while the world continues to die. They navigate their way to the island in the hope of a fresh water source and the possibility of sustainable food sources. They send an umiak with a small part to scour the volcanic island. While they are able to get a few items to help pad the dwindling food supplies, meat and fresh water are not available. Jacob uses his vampiric skills to try and find a vantage point with the hopes of spotting another island in a possible chain. To no avail. The crew returns to the ship with a gathering of coconuts, but otherwise their efforts are thwarted.
Du du duhhhh… it’s called False Hope any guesses as to why? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Riona and Kelbis are heading south to the Elves of Ralloth.

Lots of journeying, and an encounter with a shadowy organisation called Night Sentinels while camping at The Child Wood, a cursed place (Background to this spoken of by Kelbis). They receive a warning after they have an encounter with the corrupted children of that woodland, and a revelation too which puts a haste in Riona’s need to reach Ralloth and her estranged kindred…

And that is as far as I have got, still about half way through this chapter, but who knows what may happen next… Do I have idea’s? Oh, yes I do!

Below is the last bit that was written, a part of a conversation between the stranger of the Night Sentinels, and Riona and Kelbis.

“Curious are the days of late, yet I see it tonight. Dwarves and Elves keeping company, how comes this?”

“A life debt owed, and paid in full.” Kelbis replied. “Then, offered in kind as doubt of my King’s reasoning.”

“The Forgotten King.” The cloaked stranger replied. “And you? What are your origins?”

“Undermount.” Riona replied as she studied his stance.

“The missing Queen of Kel… Here is some advice, my queen… Let not the words of the south bitter you. For they have one in there keeping who remembers well the day of fire and ice.”

“None lived but myself, you speak lies.” Riona retorted.

“I speak not of your kin, now I bid thee fairwell!” And the stranger stepped backwards into the gloom of the night and was gone.

“Not of your kin?” Kelbis questioned. “Then of who does this person speak?”

“The Peace Bringer… Kharystor.”


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My character is in the infirmary recovering from a rescue mission that went wrong

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My main quartet gets cornered at the top of a ziggurat. After a brief battle with the bad guys, one of the gang surrenders himself to them in order to spare the other three. The other three are left to fend for themselves against the endless mass of monsters climbing up the ziggurat.


Dinosaurs. That is what happened in my latest chapter. I have no idea why but dinosaurs are now a thing in Book 2



Come here if you have plenty to share!

Atl had several nightmares.

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Okay, so, Vivienne came up with a tricky battle plan. It’s better than the first. They were at a massive disadvantage being on the ground. All those angry squirrels and mice really got the best of them. You can’t underestimate those guys. And just as that happens, Samantha returns with help!


And so we have little furry creatures, skinny furry creatures, and rats! YES!

And then they all gather and are briefed of the situation and wounds are tended to properly because Samantha is a good healer. Vivienne shares a sweet moment with her sister and then they hug and tell each other they love each other.

Then they begin their plan and once it gets rolling, Vivienne finally realizes what it means to know who she is. She is whole. She is magical! The battle will begin. She yells the first wave, GROUND BATTLE! Then vines come to her command. Now it’s payback time.

yeah, pretty exciting :grin: The chapter before that was awful though. So many deaths :pleading_face:


The most recent chapter is the first of three flashback chapters, in which the MC, Skye, takes a deep dive into the bad guy’s memories by touching the heart of the severed half of his soul.

She gets to witness the battle of knights in which he died centuries ago, and see his soul first emerge in the afterlife, and how he meets his best friend (and future enemy). Then he gets attacked by a lion almost immediately. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Some other secrets are revealed, But the real point is that Skye is starting to see That history may have actually gone down a different path than how the bad guy always told it…

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