What is it called when a writer writes a fanfiction of their own original story?

Is that even a thing? Would calling it a “fanfiction” necessary since it is your own original work?

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I have so much crazy ideas for Red Reign that could work as what-if scenario. Red Blizzard would be one of them, because it take after the Red Reign centuries later…until my mind changes.

The Eradelian Pillars can also in a sense be some weird what-if fanfiction that is semi-apart of the Red Reign series.

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It is definitely not called “fanfiction”, but more so a side story or something close to it.

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spin-off and/or alternative storyline


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Like, I guess it can still be called fan-fiction that’s canon, but… the technical term would be either or. xD Unless you literally wrote a fan-fiction that may not have anything to do with certain aspects of a story, like some people may write Harry Potter into a contemporary novel (so no fantastical elements) just to see what’d happen if he went to a normal school and everything was normal, and he wasn’t some famous dude in a whole other realm. This would be considered fan-fiction but not a spin-off or an alternative storyline. Perhaps… an alternate universe? That’d be closest I can think of that’d fit for a non-fan-fiction fan-fiction. xD


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