What is something you do that your MC would NOT want to do...ever?

You and your MC are two very different beings even if sometimes they are a reflection of you.

Yet have you ever wondered just how different from you they are?

Like I enjoy watching anime and reading manga or webtoons, I know a few characters who would find that stupid and pointless, but more importantly they would not do that.

I enjoy taking naps once in a while, but some wouldn’t even do that or don’t have the luxury to take a nap given the situation they are in.

So, tell me, what is something you like doing or just do that your MC would not want to do???

Another one is paying bills and doing taxes which you probably don’t like doing, but need to while depending what genre fiction you write, your MC probably don’t want to do that…unless they do?

What do you think?


Bonus Question:

What is something you wouldn’t do that your MC WOULD do…all the time, if they had the option?


All sorts of things. My characters are more facets of me, so odds are I would either think worse than what they do or I would do worse than what they could think of.

And some of it is age limitation.

Like I have an MC that won’t have sex because it’s dangerous to be up in his personal life. I had some risks and I still took those, got married have the t-shirt. I think I’m going to have him get a vasectomy before he has kids because of this set of issues. I waited until after, so he and I aren’t on the same page overall.


taking my shoes off
I’m going into take in a dive into the pool of wanting to know more.


Care to explain a bit more? :grin:

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Well, this is The Essence of U’s Daniel Faith again.

The thing is his nightmare he gets to meet is a part of what he is, and he doesn’t want more weird paranormal creatures born of malevolent forces.

I’m not all sure how I’m going to deal with it but the girl he’s interested in is entangled with 3 of them that are monsters , so I like the idea of them not getting together, and he’s watching her raise one of the other two’s child and so his choices haunt him each time he comes home.


Damn Daniel…

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It would be a good jumping off point to expand the story because not everyone gets together in highschool.


I’d say opioids but then again I don’t trust myself nowadays.

I legit cannot answer the first question. This is making me realise how much I’ve projected onto Mari. Oops.


Honestly? Max would hate me occasionally eating vegan meat. Max is a carnivore. He makes Cheeto cheese sauce for his steak sandwiches too.


What would my characters never do that I’m guilty of…?

Dov: Be unfit by ADF (infantry) standards, be a complete novice in regards to self-defence

Freyja: Be solitary, travel alone

Krista: Buy off the rack clothes (not tailored to fit)


Eating shark.

Very specific but I don’t mind eating sharks.


:microphone::accordion::trumpet:Baby Shark! Om-nom na-nom na-nom! :musical_keyboard::control_knobs::drum:

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Bethany is who I will talk about. Probably writing. She likes to read sometimes, but she’s not such a big writer of fiction. She did write How To Be A Popular Girl in high school and got it as a bestseller (rumor has it, she had the money to pay famous people to market it for her, but that’s just a rumor). But she wouldn’t want to write fiction. Not interested.