What is the currency like in your fictional world?

Is it gold coins? How about paper bills and/or copper coins? Could it be jewel pieces, rocks, digital currency, or something else entirely?

Go on tell me!


Ancient Elgana:
Lionkind: trade stories most of the time, but do have pebbles they trade like money.
The lizard folk: trade goods most of the time.
Bird folk: also trade goods most of the time.
Humans: they brought coins and digital money and whatever we have now.

Modern Elgana:
Everyone uses omnia which is mostly coins. Quite inconvenient. There are some bank notes, but not a lot. Everyone is used to jiggling around. Coins are square cubes by the way. Blue feline Pinti thinks square coins are dumb. Blue felines trade goods most of the time, but do sometimes use stones. The shapeshifting shadow folk, however, don’t have any currency. They just compete and are rewarded, or compete and take stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


In Vecotopia: Coins, most valuable is emerald coin (but for only the royals) then gold coins and then silver coins


in Gallows Humour everything is trade-based. Scavengers introduce new material to the Markets by trading what they find for what they need. Material, food, and labour can all be traded, all at the discretion of the people trading.

in Magpie Black
um. i haven’t really fleshed any of it out yet. i’ve referenced “irons” and “coppers” and i’ll probably treat that as standard for the locations the MCs are from/travel through the most. idk if i’ll go into much detail about currency in other parts of the land though, i don’t know if it will end up relevant to the story, but i have some ideas. Bead and tokens for the plains elves, spices and lyts for the peninsula, stuff like that.


My world doesn’t have a set currency, as everyone just mostly barters or trades.

There is a valuable material called lux, though, that is highly sought after and makes for good trading. It looks like glowing red crystals and comes in various sizes and shapes.

There is no sunlight in my world, so lux is prized for its light. But it can also be used as fuel for vehicles and power for electrical devices (it has a finite lifespan if used this way, and can explode into dust if overworked). It can be melted down and used to coat lenses, which give wearers the ability to see in the dark, like night vision googles.

In my story, besides its light, lux’s main use is as a crystalline coating for bladed weapons, as uncoated weapons have no effect on the inhabitants of my world. Only lux-coated blades can cut their skin, which is why all weapons in my story are glowy and red.

The only drawback is that lux crystals are only found in the the sunless wasteland that is full of monsters.

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For The Endurlon I kept it simple…

They have Bars, and Coins. Gold and Silver.

Bars:- 10 Silver= 1 Gold. They are slender 10mm in width, and 6cm in length.

Coins:- Coins are valued the same, 10 Silver= 1 Gold. Coins are small about 15mm wide and 3mm thick. however they are half the value of their Bar counterparts. 20 Silver Coins= 1 Gold Bar etc…



Ah, yes, the little detail I don’t normally mention in my books.

Lyriumia and Terpola have what they call ‘coin’. Bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum

The other worlds? Well, I haven’t gone into that much world building with them yet because it hasn’t come up :joy:

It did come up on one of the Fae worlds but they also use coin (but don’t tell them their ancestors got the idea because of a visitor from the God Worlds :shushing_face:)

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