What is your characters' lineage like?

Whether your character is a descendant of royalty, heroism, divinity, magical, or something else entirely, what is their lineage like?

Does your character come from a long line of something ordinary or something extraordinary?

Tell me about your characters’ lineage.

My Turn:

My three main characters are named Solai, Solaris, and Nyalia who happen to be siblings

They come from an imperial lineage that first started eons ago with the Firstlings ruling over the planet. The three of them come from a highly important and respected family who has been ruling the world for millions of years.

What about you all?



Geldrid’s lineage I cannot reveal, as it would spoil much.

Dalvryn and his brother Dhrunan are of lordship of Redstone, a long line of great kings passed through many ages. First born Son is the would be king, and so on…

Hal-en Boorstag is a child of an elected Master of Dade, and is respected by his people.

Ossel is the Son of the Lord of Acoss, and again, is subjected to the lineage of the eldest, though a Lady they have had many seasons ago… Not a King nor Queen, but an elected heir under which they would gladly serve. Dea was the last King of Olbania, and he fell within the halls of Mundhlor thousands of seasons ago… Acoss was the second city of Olbania, before the Drakes lay it to ruin.

There are others, and lineages which I have not yet built upon enough to bring into the lore of Arillion, but the Elves and dwarves have a history woven together with their lords and ladies of a ruling stature, and hatred.



Dov Shaul:
An Australian whose great-great-grandfathers (both sides of his family) came from Scandinavia. As a result Dov, and his brothers, have several genetic Viking traits; rapid healing, unusual size and strength, and a constant desire for travel. When Dov’s ancestors arrived in Australia they became close friends with the Jewish community, and they were gifted the name ‘Shaul’ as a mark of respect. Shaul is Hebrew for An honoured Gentile who performs great tasks…and Dov is Hebrew for Bear

Krista Gallant:
Krista’s mother, Polanski, came from Russia and her father, Wolff, came from Germany. They met and had a family in Israel, while working as mercenaries for Karen. Both of Krista’s parents (their families) have a long legacy of blonde hair, blue eyes, swept / angular features, hence Krista’s appearance. Polanski’s family tree is mostly unremarkable (many records were lost during the Second and Cold wars). Wolff’s family came from a line of Barons and Baronesses dating back to the Prussian Empire. Krista could qualify as a Germanic aristocrat except she views herself as an Israeli long before anything else. Karen and her mercenaries consider Krista to be an honorary / non-Jewish Sabra.

Freyja Mendel:
Freyja is the hybrid clone of an Israeli girl, Aviva, so Freyja doesn’t have much of her own lineage. About 60% of Freyja’s DNA came from Aviva, 10% was ‘borrowed’ from Dov (without his knowledge), and 30% of her DNA is synthetic. Aviva’s family tree was mostly Mizrahi and Sephardic kibbutz Jews who immigrated to Israel before or during the 1948 war. This is the source of Freyja’s olive skin, long dark hair, and possibly her emerald eyes. Freyja’s eye colour is a mixed result of her ‘natural’ genetics and her cybernetic enhancements…Her eyes also feature neon-green streaks, 60/20 image perception, modest low-light / night vision, and a tendency to intensify reflected light…

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Geez, I have to think about this one :joy: Just gonna pull out the now-4 books of character profiles I have :joy:

The two main Balance Keepers are descendant from the very first. For Xix this one is obvious. The Balance Keepers on her world have always come from her family so no one was really surprised her linage went back to the first. Amneris, on the other hand, became a Balance Keeper through the whole “chosen one” trope. The fact she’s also related to one of the first was sheer dumb luck :joy:

Then for my not-as-main-main-characters.

Leo isn’t descended from anyone noteworthy. Neither are Zoe, Carmin, Dan, Kayla, Ema or Axel. Colt is complicated because :sparkles: souls :sparkles:, Jay came from one of the many Fae Royal Families of his homeworld but did a runner and let go of his title. And by “let go” I mean “tossed it out the window because F that”

Then there’s the next generation

Hathor is Amneris’ daughter so she also goes back to the first Balance Keepers. Troy is the eldest son of his pack’s Alpha but, much like Jay, decided “F that”. Isaiah’s family has a history of Aure so they’re pretty high class but I wouldn’t say “important”. Sky, Maddie and Imogene don’t really have anyone noteworthy.

Horus I’m unsure about because I haven’t entirely figured out Colt’s bloodline because :sparkles: souls :sparkles: but he is Amneris’ step-son so by relation that way he also goes back to the first Balance Keepers. Jax is a Prince on his homeworld but has no interest in that. Valria still considers herself part of her family so is still a Lady but is off enjoying things and doesn’t want to be forced into marriage. Selena ditched her Princess title for a similar reason. Iridia comes from a rare mix of bloodlines that make her a Light Diamond so a lot of people come after her and try to take her power. Brayden, Mel, Kindra, Sol and Jinx don’t have anyone noteworthy.

And I think that’s the entire main cast that aren’t Primordials or First Beings :joy:

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To answer this question, I’m going to have to drop a lot of spoilers, so beware :sweat_smile:

I’ll start with my major characters first.

The Other Realms Series

  • Stella Vincente: Ordinary for the most part. She had one noble ancestor from her mother’s side, several generations ago. Everyone else in her family is—or was—ordinary. The only extraordinary thing from her lineage is that her maternal side has a family heirloom: a silver bracelet that grants superpowers to its owner. The bracelet is passed down from from one woman to the other, from generation to generation.
  • Juan “Jon” Blanco Castillo: Pretty ordinary. Even if you trace his ancestry several generations back, you won’t see any aristocrats in his bloodline. Like Stella, his family does have a magical heirloom: a crystal ring that grants superpowers to its owner. Instead of being passed down the maternal side, the ring comes from the paternal side and is passed from father to son.
  • Edmond “Eddie” Delacroix de Bellefort: It depends on which side of the family you’re talking about. Eddie’s mother’s side is pretty ordinary. His mom, through her brains and effort, went from being a middle-class person to an upper-class lawyer, while the rest of his maternal relatives are middle-class. As for his father’s side… they’re extremely wealthy and influential. He’s descended from a noble bloodline and his ancestry can be traced back centuries. Oh, and he and his paternal relatives are all members of an organization of French aristocrats. His noble title is Vicomte de Bellefort. His father’s side is also the majority stakeholder of a French company called Lucide S.A., and has been for decades. If he excels in his education and maintains a good personality, he’s set to soon be the CEO of the company once he’s old enough and gained enough experience. Oh, and don’t forget his family’s several properties, assets, and foundation patronages. As if that’s not enough, his paternal clan also has a magical golden necklace, which gets passed down from generation to generation.

The Gifted Blood Trilogy

  • Arden Mægenstern: She was the only daughter of an aristocrat and his wife. I haven’t really given much thought to her lineage other than she was a) born into upper-class society and b) was the only gifted—a human born with superpowers or magic—in the entire clan. Her being born with magic meant that she lived a different life from every single person in her family. She went to a different school and spent the rest of her life slaying monsters and protecting civilization from beastly threats. Had she been an ordinary like her parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, and other relatives, she would’ve gone to a “normal” private school and pursued a career in either science while being a patron of the arts.
  • Edin Illenræn (née Heolfor): Here’s the fun thing about having an amnesiac character with a past that nobody around him knows about: they learn about his lineage about the same time as the audience does. Well, let’s start with his mother’s side. His maternal family, the House of Illenræn, was a noble house composed mostly of gifteds. As if having a family of mostly gifteds isn’t lucky enough—the majority of gifteds are the only gifteds in their entire families, like in Arden’s case—they’re generally powerful gifteds too. His early maternal ancestors used their power to improve society by advancing magitech, becoming educators, and contributing to magical and scientific studies. In more recent decades, however, they pretty much all became guardians. They weren’t all saints, because let’s just say if an ordinary person was born into that family, they weren’t… treated as nicely to put it lightly :skull: like in the case of Edin’s mother. As for his paternal side, the Heolfor family, well, they weree all evil. And mostly gifteds too, like the Illenræn clan. Funnily enough one of his early paternal ancestors was a guardian, but things happened and he turned evil, and it’s just been one villain after another in that bloodline :skull:
  • Damon Heolfor: Huge spoilers if you haven’t read BWT. But anyway, Edin and Damon are biological twins, so they basically share the same lineage. It’s just that one brother decided to follow in his paternal footsteps while the other decided to follow his maternal legacy :sweat_smile:

ooh okay this is interesting
Sara is the child of a prominent noble and trading family from the western isles, and was married to the east to stop the building tension between the two sides
Malika is the child of a priest, not really an exciting legacy - puts in the equivalent of a noble / courtier position, but distantly - like upper middle class-ish. But then she gets chosen to be a vessel of a god, and that changes her life and takes her away from her family.

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Most of my main characters in Singularity’s Orders have a long line of royalty lineage, and all of them are descendants of powerful people who happen to inherit primal magic given by astral beings.

Samuel Jonathan Azul (Sam): He lives with a pretty much normal family where none of them have a special privilege, but he is a part of the 6th generation of the king’s descendants who ruled the city where he lives back when it was still a kingdom in the Age of Monarchs, and he is the first one who awakened the queen’s power after over 150 years.

Priceterro Blue (Price): He came from a prestigious military family that obligates each of their member to learn at least one kind of martial arts. Just like Sam, he is also the king’s descendant, which makes them distant relatives, but instead of the queen’s power like Sam, Price inherited the king’s power after over 150 years.

Azul Edricson Angelvault (Azul): He is the only child of an ordinary merchant, but his combat skills and determination led him to study in the kingdom’s most prestigious officers’ academy through the scholarship given by the elite knight himself. His loyalty to the king made him inherit the king’s throne as soon as the previous king died, and now he was known as the most powerful king in history. He is also both Sam and Price’s ancestor.

Akihito Arima (Aki): He came from a huge mafia group that does a lot of illegal activities. Unlike Sam and Price who are the descendants of the king, Aki’s lineage is from King Azul’s arch nemesis, the Kingslayer, which makes Aki a descendant of the most feared villain back in the Age of Monarchs.

Agatha Leony (Agatha): She’s a member of the most prestigious clan in her city. Her clan is known for its ability to manipulate gravity and its limitless source of knowledge, making them the most knowledgeable group in its country. The clan was founded by the emperor’s children who gathers all kinds of knowledge across the country, which makes her a royalty lineage.

Leonhardt von Dietrich (Leon/Hound): He once lived with his single father who abused him which made him run away from his home, he was later recruited by the police force to work from them. There’s nothing special about his family aside from the fact that his lineage belongs to House Dietrich, the noble house that the monarch of his city once ruled came back when it was still a kingdom.

So yeah, most of them are descendants of a monarch.

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They don’t have to be extraordinary. :slightly_smiling_face:
Hell, I would even except it if your MC or other characters come from a family of bakers or educators or something simple.

Either way, thanks for answering.

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I came here to admire everyone’s world building. I never think about my characters’ lineage :stuck_out_tongue: My stories are always focused on the character’s present and future, not their past. The only time the past comes into play is more of the self-journey aspect and more on the mental growth side.

My blue feline Pinti used to be the daughter of her clan’s leader, world building wise. Now, during editing, she became the adoptive daughter and her lineage is a spoiler :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t say for certain either because I have to think about it. But it’s related to a story that takes place 200 years before hers.

Anthro fox Scotch Borrecki’s father was the captain of Cataloogy City Police. So, I guess that’s one.

I can’t think of others. Bethany might be the only one I might have some lineage world building but right now, other than her being a magical rat, I don’t have any info on her parents.