What is your CHARACTER'S trademark/favorite food?

Does your character from your story have a trademark food or a certain food that they like A LOT?

This is common in the fiction of others along with that said character being a big eater.

I know a few from anime/manga that just shows that I am somewhat that anime fan.

Here are some.

Monkey D. Luffy: He loves meat.
Naruto Uzumaki: He loves ramen, but his son Boruto has a love for hamburgers.
C.C.: Loves Pizza Hut Pizza.
Gintoki Sakata: He loves sweets.
Asta: Loves pot potatoes.
Sasha Braus: She loves potatoes and then she enjoys meat.
Rak Wraithraiser: He enjoys chocolates and bananas.
Rorona Zoro: Loves a good sake.
Kagura: Craves either rice or sukonbu or just plain dishes overall.
Erza Scarlet: Strawberry shortcake, she loves it.
Kaido: Love drinking alcohol.
Charlotte Linlin/Big Mom: Love eating sweets.
Toshiro (from Gintama): He adores having MAYONNAISE on his dishes. So, mayonnaise is his trademark dish.
Son Goku: I believe he ENJOYS eating LARGE portions of meat, rice, maybe ramen is tossed in there. Goku is mostly known as a BIG eater.

That is all I got and I know there is more, but that is as far as my memory can take me.

Do you have a character in your own story like the characters I’ve mentioned?

My Turn:

I gotta say Cornelius Veckendeck because he is a big guy who enjoys eating his wives cooking, far as being a big eater. When it comes to his favorite dish, I am stumped because he LOVES his wives cooking equally and won’t eat anything else. It’s the same for his wives who ADORE Cornelius’s cooking.

What about you?


I’m Cajun. Food permeates everything.

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Do any of your characters enjoy Cajun food?

Sometimes things that are close. Rachael wanted shrimp and grits which is a New Orleans dish, but it was really polenta and grass shrimp she was feinding for. Polenta is fine ground cornmeal mash from regular corn, while grits is coarse ground hominy (really big white corn kernels in corn nuts). Cornmeal tastes better than grits. And Amazon freshwater shrimp would have a different flavor than gulf (brown) shrimp. Gulf shrimp tastes a bit iodine heavy, or like a hint of chlorine.

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All I’m saying…

… Fried chicken in general actually

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Random mix of characters’ signature meals:

Yasmine - Loose leaf black tea (Bedouin brew) and croissants with home-made cream or jam. The twins Irena and Sari (also Yasmine’s proteges) introduced Yasmine to their French breakfast menus.

Krista - Ukrainian* borscht with black tea and lemon (Russian brew)…Krista’s also addicted to traditional German Black Forest cake…

Freyja - Honey-marinated baked chicken with challah (to mop up the honey sauce / soup) and Mount Hermon white wine.

Dov - T-bone steak with mushroom sauce and Mount Hermon red wine. Freyja is also fond of the red wine, a symbol of Dov and Freyja’s first meeting and Shabbat together. However, Freyja prefers the white wine’s lighter sweeter taste.

Zorik - Any kosher meal, in vast quantities. A seven-foot-four mound of combat-honed muscles needs a lot of energy.

Ashley - Chicken soup. During Ashley’s childhood her family couldn’t afford complex meals, and chicken soup was considered a luxury. Since Ashley became a millionaire, she always preferred the soup for special occasions. *Note: the borscht recipe (see above) came from Ashley’s family.

Wolff - Sauerbraten (German beef stew), or German apple cake, with premium schnapps. I was tempted to cite the ham rolls from Kommissar Rex (the Brandtner series was my favourite), but as Wolff had moved to Israel the rolls wouldn’t be kosher or polite.

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KFC is interesting. In the US, they bland as hell, and most of us will get Popeyes first.

But in Trinidad, they season KFC like locals, and so it’s better than my local Popeyes.

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KFC is good here because we don’t have Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A or Wendy’s or anything really to compete with it, aside from Country Fried Chicken. I only get one thing from there, really. Their sliced chicken “supper”; a fillet of fried chicken placed on top of fries, melted cheese and “taco sauce”, which is more like a burger sauce (tomato, mayo and some mustard). It’s actually pretty darn good.


Which character likes KFC from your story?

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The ones that eat meat :flushed:

Nah but Ricky and Max especially love it!

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Which meal from KFC do they normally get when they eat there? Is it one of those, it doesn’t matter what they order so long as it KFC?

I had to search what that looks like and what it is. I’ve heard of this type of cake and always wandered if it is different than regular chocolate cake.

The more you know.

So frosty looking. I’m more used to German Chocolate Cakes and brownies.

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MCs from Elgana
Cypur: Crunch Bar (like a chewy cookie candy bar) Maple Sugar flavor

Scotch: can you tell what he likes? As for food, marmalade jam.

Sovanna: sunlight berries

Kaiver: doughnuts (but a lot of Humans in his era would say the same because it’s a rare Earth food)

Pinti: coffee and keibeck. Keibeck is a warm hazelnut milk drink with cinnamon, maple sugar, crushed dried raspberries, and egg yolk. It’s like eggnog.

Characters from Their Posthumous Lives duology
Richard: any kind of sweet bread
Charcoal: the fresh murder of a greedy soul :eyes:

Mallord: his wife’s croissants. Honestly, to him, Penelope could open a croissant-only bakery and thrive.

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Das Noms

To take a line from Anthony Bourdain: I can feel my arteries hardening, but this is so good.

In the traditional recipe, the cake layers are soaked in cherry schnapps. Just in case the Black Forest cake wasn’t potent enough.

In spite of Krista’s rich diet she remains thin with flawless complexion. Maybe she inherited her father’s (Wolff) cast-iron stomach. The constant military-level physical training probably also helps (need to use up that energy somehow).

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