What is your fictional world's greatest historical mystery?

I am itching and scratching to know if there is a piece of history in your fictional world that NOT many people know the real truth about.

The history is a GIANT mystery and has even left behind something that remained unchanged throughout the many, many years later.

Still, it one of those things were people are so eager to unravel the truth behind it, but research is almost impossible (till it becomes somewhat or all the way possible) for the people.

My Turn/Example:

On Alagossia, there are these absurdly massively tall and wide marble pillars that come out of the ground.

They are called the Eradelian Pillars and NOBODY (except a tiny few) knows why it called that or why it is even there. So many people search for clues on the mysterious pillars of unknown origin.

The people who know about the pillars are either long dead or refuse to talk about it for whatever reason.

There is also a Shadowland that is the size of ultra-continent, but it is a Shadowland that people normally come across when they are either lost at sea or something.

The Shadowland was once called Nazra and it was home to a certain species. Yet the scariest thing is that when people manage to leave the place, they are NOT the and will never be the same ever again.

However, one thing that is common that every person who leaves Nazra is this “it’s alive, the place is alive, and there’s so much misery!”

So, the Shadowland of Nazra and the Eradelian Pillars have a huge part in global history of Alagossia. The real issue is that nobody can learn more about it as if it is forbidden knowledge never meant to shared with the world or something more sinister.

What about you though?
Is there something in your fictional world’s history that hasn’t been explored for whatever reason?


People to answer the call:


Alright, I am done with that.

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The two really big ones are the Dark Continent/Lost Land and the Beast of the Sun

The Dark Continent and Lost Land are said to be the birthplace of the inhabitants of the God Worlds - Dark Continent for Lyriumia and Lost Land for Terpola. The stories claim that a very long time ago there was an event called The Banishment where the people were kicked from their homelands by the Gods after displeasing them so they had to go in search for new lands on their planets, and that’s how both entire planets became explored. After the Banishment, the Dark Continent and Lost Land vanished. No one knows how or why and, over time, their existence became a myth. However, this hasn’t stopped explorers from trying to find them. The strange thing is that whenever someone does and seems to get close, they mysteriously vanish . . .

The Beast of the Sun is said to be the creature that lives in the Sun. According to the stories, before the Banishment, a woman named Bellanga, by sheer luck, discovered that there was some form of living entity at the very centre of the Sun. She consulted the leader of her people at the time, Crux, and he asked the Gods for answers. The Gods confirmed there is indeed something living in the Sun, they have never tried to deny it, but they refused to say what it was and basically made the topic forbidden (like that’s ever stopped people). Fast forward a couple billion years, well after the Banishment, and a famous Visionary/Historian named Celestus was given a prophecy by the Gods saying there will be a day when the Beast awakens and its awakening will bring about the end of Creation.

Scene where the Prophecy first comes back

Maddie flipped open a random page. “Huh, it’s written in modern Lyriumian. Weird.” She cleared her throat. “‘Year: 771B523M557T355. Prophecy #1 – The Sun will fade and the Beast will rise.’

“That’s depressing,” Imogene said, coming to stand beside her. “Do a different one.”

Anyway, over time it became theorized the Beast came from a place Beyond and that it’s possibly more powerful than the Gods and that’s why they refuse to talk about it. No one knows what the Beast is or if it will cause the end of Creation or just the end of the God Worlds.

These two stories come into play properly much later in my main series when the year of the prophecy arrives. Really looking forward to writing it as soon as I finish the current book for wattpad which is taking a while cause I’m stuck :joy:


These sound really interesting.
I am curious about the Beast in the sun.

Your Beast in the sun reminds me of the truth about the Eradelian Pillars.


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@alenatenjo: Exactly, how many books in your current series do you have out and plan on having in total?

I am just curious.

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I guess the lands far to the west of Arillion. Beyond the Erringrim (The Mountains of Ice), from where the Dwarves did come. Few now remember those lands, for most have passed…

Or the great maze of Heldredth, its design, the inner sanctum, and the tombs which lie within the encircling misted vale… Why so many there are, none could say for sure…



How many continents does your world have in total?

That’s the one that only dead people know about or is refused to talk about right?

I kind of hint to what it is when we get to that part of the story but I don’t really outright say what it is :joy:

For Inter-Universal Protectors (so the one those two stories came from) currently have 9 main books, two preludes, and a several short stories
It’s spinoff (Photon Cycle) currently has two, maybe three.
My third series (Akh Chronicles) I’m planning to do ten books

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Does the Sovereign know?

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My world had four founding civilisations: Altheria, Rumissia, Daluz & Zinzarel. Of which only Altheria remains a major civilisation to this day. The lands of Rumissia are split up and its people are spread out across the world, and the cities of Daluz are in ruins, but the people remain.

The people of Zinzarel were the first to discover magic, and aside from the Saints, they are thought to be the most advanced sorcerers in existence. They shared their boon with the rest of the world, but conquest and war soon followed, with those they taught becoming arrogant and tyrannical. Just two centuries after it began, Zinzarel disappeared — all its people, cities of gold, never-drying freshwater streams and its forever-fruit-bearing trees.

Why did they disappear? They advanced in magic so much that they became so far removed from humanity. They learned that everything they’ve done, everything they’ve taught, everything they’ve worked for, and all the wars in the world are worth nothing in the Cycle of Creation. Life is meaningless, and the Light that gives life therefore only inflicts suffering. And so, they banished themselves to the Realm of the Neverborn, a dark primordial origin where life doesn’t exist and the sky, the earth, and the sea never separated. It’s all very nihilistic. It’s where the overarching story culminates.

Today, Zinzarel is as much a myth as history. There are adventurers, magicians, and pilgrims who go searching for Zinzarel in hopes of finding the cities or at least a magical artifact, but they never do.


The Sovereign knows what happened before the pillars came, but that is only a little bit.

The Sovereign tried getting more information from the Firstlings, but they would not state anything about/don’t want to state anything.

On the pillars is a clock counting down to something that will happen in the far distant future, but that is only if you squint real hard to see it. The numbers will darker when the event gets closer.

So, every Alagossian is either 100% ignorant on how it got there, knows how it got there and won’t say anything, or knows what really happened but took that knowledge to their graves.

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Not to sound creepy, but I found you on Amazon, I like your picture and you have two books out.

Although one is a series of shorts, but still, great job!

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Mountain Maidens!


I might actually give them a different name :stuck_out_tongue:

Seven steel giants that once walked the lands of Elgana now lay abandoned in the desert lands. Who built them? No one knows. One thing is for sure, they were created by someone for some kind of fighting purpose.

Another from Elgana is probably One Prestigious Parlor.


It’s a place that is like a Venus Flytrap. You might see a Victorian-esque banquet prepared on a long dinner table as an illusion to lure you in and trap your soul there forever. But normally, it’s just an abandoned table and some bug-eaten velvet chairs out in the open of a forest. No one knows who made it or how it came to be.

Chandeliers are hanging above the table. But how?

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Unsure as of yet…

This tale is within the lands of a vast Landmass called Harglanth (Northlands). There is a few small islands which run along the far eastern side (way over there east, like far away east). And the mid sized island of Ralloth Mul to the south of Arillion (some 40 nautical miles south of Ralloth on the coast).

The Forgotten Lands to the west are very large indeed, some six to seven times the mass of Arillion (Which is sandwiched between the Erringrim to the west,and the Heavens Wall to the east).

The Heavens Wall is a vast line of vertically uplifted land. Its uppermost height is constantly shrouded in cloud, for that is its height indeed.

From the north the lands reach southwards in ridges of mountainous terrain. That which reaches furthest south is the long reaching mountainous range of Kel. Wide and high those lands stand, it’s deepest ranges never thaw, and snow there is constant. It is deep within the southern region of Kel where the Drakes live. Under the largest mountain in all Arillion, Undermount…

And that is my map within my mind of Arillion only. Beyond those borders, my mind wanders in ever troubled crafting. Yet, some of the histories of Arillion started beyond its borders, and in time I will write of those lands and those tales.

Maybe even another landmass altogether… But that is of another age…
A Primordial Age…



Don’t worry. The local paper and ALL my high school teachers did the same :joy: Comes with the territory in suppose. Plus I literally publish the same titles as in wattpad only better

That one’s more for fun and gives me somewhere to store the shorts for my main series until I figure out what I want to do with them

OHHHHHH this reminds me of another 2 stories I kind of brought up in the published version of BFPC. I’ll add then here once I have access to my computer again

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Next two mysteries!

  1. The Singing Woman

The Singing Woman is said to be an omen of bad luck and/or death. No one is entirely sure. No one knows who she is, what she is, nor what she’s doing when she appears to people (other than singing) with her magic. No one knows if she was an actual person or just some conjuration made up by one of the Gods. All anyone can agree on is that you should never lay eyes on her and, if you do, prepare for your life to change forever

  1. The Adria Incident

Okay, this one I will be going into a lot more in the published version of IUP2 because it is actually important to the plot :joy:

Adria was King of Lyriumia many generations ago. Just like everyone else who has or will sit/sat on the throne, he had the power of the God Naiu. He wasn’t the most powerful Ruler but he wasn’t weak, either. Anyway, one day he decided that he wanted another power, the power of the God Naka. The only problem was that the person holding this power, a woman named Nakella, was Queen of Terpola and the two worlds were at War. Adria went to Terpola and made a deal with Nakella. He gave one of Lyriumia’s greatest secrets in exchange for temporary use of Naka’s power.

When the powers of Naiu and Naka combine, they create the ultimate power of Elan. Adria wanted to harness this so he combined the powers. What he didn’t know was exactly how strong it was. Never in the history of Creation had someone successfully held the power of Elan, even if they were chosen by one of the Gods in the first place. While Adria was able to combine the powers and absorb them, he couldn’t hold it. Adria destroyed himself. Nakella got her power back. Naiu chose her next Ruler (much more carefully this time) and Adria became a cautionary tale of greed and stupidity. Everyone who grew up on the God Worlds knows the story.

The part of it no one has been able to figure out is why. Why did Adria want the power? What made him so desperate to have it that he gave up the secret? What drove him to that point? Why did he do it? No one will ever know . . .

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