What not to do in a support chat

I’m going to put a massive trigger warning on this for people behaving in the worst way possible to someone experiencing a psychotic episode.

It is better to ignore someone than say this to them.


God I love that subreddit.

It’s such a toxic internet subculture in general, made worse by taking away spaces for vulnerable people and then…pulling this stuff. :woozy_face:

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You don’t have to be a therapist to know that telling a suicidal person “IDK try it” is a bad idea

Look, I’m mean as hell, and I don’t see the point in telling people to go through with it.

I very much dislike these kinds of permanent solutions. Death is pretty permanent.

Now the closest I come to that is in dealing with someone who is holding their attempt against me, to keep me hostage. If you’re that type you’re going to do something the minute I stop to take care of my own mental health. At that point it’s to “bite your tongue” because I’m going to be ready for something to give really quick. But that’s more of a “seek help or I get a restraining order”

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Even during a psychotic episode, the guy had even sense to not do that.

Then hopefully he is strong enough to withstand the urge. There are plenty of people we don’t hear about at all who are on edge who refuse to go through with it, so the ones that do speak out feel more alone…and pressured.

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