What site or medium does this forum use?

Hello !!
I was wondering which site or medium this forum uses as NaNoWriMo’s forum looks the same so I was thinking it must be based on a site or medium? I like the way this forum looks and in case I wanted to make my own forum, I wanted to know which site/medium was used to create this lovely space?



Hi there! So this site’s users mainly use Wattpad. Wattpad used to have its own official forum, but when it was nuked in mid-2020, one Wattpad user built this entire forum and a sizable part of the community moved here. This forum isn’t affiliated with Wattpad though; we welcome writers from other platforms too :slight_smile:

I’ve also seen writers here try out Inkitt, and perhaps Tapas and Royal Road. We also have our own Wacky Writers writing site ^.^ the platform that most of us use, though, is still Wattpad.

EDIT: It’s 7:30 a.m. and I haven’t slept, I just reread your question and now I feel dumb. This site uses Discourse, and it’s apparently open source iirc? :eyes:

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It’s fine!!

Yeah, I edited my post :sweat_smile:

I use Wattpad and most people who are on here do too :smiley:

Aaaaaawfully late to the party, but…Discourse :rofl: We’re built on Discourse.

While a big chunk of our userbase originally came over from Wattpad’s old forums (also Discourse-based), we are open to all sorts of creatives, with or without accounts on writing platforms :grin: