When people say something is "useless", just exactly how useless is it?.

Something that is useless to you, could greatly benefit me somehow or someway.

Like things that could help me out when I am facing a problem game wise or writing wise, that people would say is useless, might be different for me, depending on exactly what it is.

Whether it is information or advice/tips, if it is useless to you or someone who agrees, then it could be useful to me or it might actually just be useless.

Let’s talk. What do you think?


How useful are dog doors for mini horses?


Would not know that?
Someone else might though.

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Oh, there’s so many different levels to this.

Useless is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results. That’s also how you learn 1K different ways to not make a lightbulb.

Part of the problem–and this is taught in Christianity: you aren’t the one who provides the increase in anyone else’s life. You can plant seeds, you can till the soil, you can pull weeds, you can provide sunlight, but you aren’t ultimately the one who causes a seed to germinate, nor do you wholly control it’s growth no matter how hard you try.

So ultimately the things you do for people: if you’re expecting direct results? Generally, they are useless. You don’t lend out money that you need to get back because you’re counting on someone being useful. That’s not how you lend. You lend on the hope that they pay you back, but not on the need for it. Wisdom, since it isn’t a direct by-price commodity isn’t as hard to give to someone who isn’t going to make a return on your investment in them. But if you’re waiting on a thank you or a acknowledgement that you’re truly helping them, then you’re wasting your time and theirs as well. This is why the joy is in the giving, and not on it’s rewards.

So, in the here-and-now, anything I can give to you is a useless thing: demanding that you value me for what I give right here and right now isn’t a giving spirit. It’s also a good chance that anything I give you now isn’t something that you can use today.

Now, it could stick with you for 3, 4 years down the road and all of a sudden this useless bit of drivel makes a difference in what you can do with your life because you’ve matured enough to hear me, or you’ve gotten to a point in life where what I can give can finally apply to your situation.

Frankly, it’s hard to keep track of people for 3-4 years. I’ll likely not hear of what I did that helped you that many years into the future. So I’ll have no use out of it.

But you’ve finally put tungsten in your light bulb and it’s staying lit. You’ve succeed your 1K failures.

What a great thing that would be, and off of something I never saw you improve on.


Honestly, it depends on the situation, what you are doing, people you’re dealing with etc. that changes the level on how useless a thing is