Where are my pens???

Seriously, where are they?

looks around then spots them

Whew! Thank goodness for this!

How often do you lose or misplace your favorite pens/pencils or just in general?

Bonus Question (off-topic)

  1. Name a food combination that you recently tried that you wished you tried sooner than later because it just that good?

My Turn:

I recently made turkey and cheese with cherry tomatoes in an egg omelet. It was soo good and I would try again. Another one is chopped bananas on a piece of bread with peanut butter. That is also a good one. Why have I not tried it before?

Seriously, what are your thoughts?

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I am very disorganized and prone to forgetting what task I’m on. Anything c w get lost in an instance.

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That sucks.

It’s like when we lose that one sock that comes in a pair. Where do they go? Into some void or something?


My oldest is as incapable of keeping track, my middle won’t look for anything, and the youngest is not even 2. I have more than enough with keeping track of them. Lol

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Oh… that’s says pens :flushed:

I put things back in the same place I find them usually.


Now, I am curious what you thought it said. LOL!

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Geez! LOL!

Hahaha you wanted to know :wink: so I said it in the most censored way possible:

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True. I was too curious.

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Very often. Although, to be fair my idea of losing things is putting them in a messy drawer. But I currently have everything in a pencil case so hopefully I stay organized.

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A pencil case or some organizer is very beneficial in the long run I guess.

Keep track of that pencil case, for realz!

Definitely, I still need to buy organizers for my desk but for $15 I was able to fit tabs, a pack of 15 midliners, sticky notes and some pens in the case. Although, to be fair I only went with the pencil case because I plan to write at camp grounds quite a bit next year.

Yeah, that would absolutely suck. It mostly just stays in my book cart though.

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I am sure you can find something at a reasonable price.

Writing in a different scenery? Sounds nice!

I try to keep my pens/pencils in the same place in my room, and I’m typically good at keeping track of them. It’s when anyone borrows it, I’ll have no idea where it went. But also, when I was in school, they’d magically disappear. I’m not sure why…? :rofl:

Breakfast pizza.

There’s a gas station here in my town that serves different pizzas and one of their specialties is one called the Breakfast Pizza. Cheese, sausage gravy, egg, and bacon on pizza dough, and cooked like any other pizza. Definitely sounds unappetizing, but it’s surprisingly good. xD

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That’s gotta be an interesting taste. LOL!

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