Where do you get video resources?

So I’m just trying out video editing for the first time and I wonder where you can get clips of videos from movies for trailers… And how does licensing for those work?
Also do tell me if you know any good free video editors that don’t put obvious watermarks on the finished product. I don’t mind having a watermark, but the ones like Filmora’s free editor-- which is extremely in your face, are not okay…

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Idk about free video resources, but a good free video editor is DaVinci Resolve. It doesn’t put any watermark on the video unless you use one of its premium video effects on it. It has a lot of effects and uses, so be sure to watch some tutorials so you don’t get overwhelmed. But it’s one of the best free video editors on the market.


When you buy video stock, you read the license before you buy (hopefully)! I buy a lot of mine from Artgrid as I have a running subscription - they have plenty of nice clips. Depositphotos and Shutterstock also sell video stock, but is a separate subscription to their image sub.

Video editor wise, I haven’t tried any free ones. Simple video editing can be done with Premiere Pro or any of it’s alternatives. If you are looking to create 3D animation etc, After Effects or any of it’s alternatives.

Free video stock (that is actually good) is like a gem. Envato has a lot of resources but the subscription isn’t free, sadly. :frowning:

Using video stock from actual films etc - really, really bad form. It’s all pre-graded, so you’ll really struggle with making multiple clips look like they ‘go’ together, and it’s also copyright infringement. It also can’t be used to sell your book if you decide to publish it later down the line, so it’s wasted effort.

After rereading, all I can say about gaining licenses for film clips - film studios won’t give you licenses for that. Their IP and actor likeness is worth considerably more than the thousands they could charge. Video stock is pretty hard to find, and more expensive than standard stock, which absolutely sucks.


Ooh okay thank you! I currently use VDSC, but might check that out later!

Ah okay! But I don’t plan on publishing this book, I’d like to keep it wattpad exclusive, so that won’t be a problem with rights. And since stock is very hard to find, I guess I will have to use movie clips… Do you know where I can find those?

Ah well… okay, that’s interesting…
I do have VDSC’s free version, and I like it, but the only problem is that it’s too complicated for a beginner like me. I’m getting there, tho

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I’m sorry, I don’t help with theft or anything like that so I have no idea. Good luck, just remember that you may also struggle to post it online as studios don’t take too kindly to IP breaches! 🥲

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If you’re a beginner I would just make “fan made” types of work at first. When I tried editing I found it was a lot more work then I thought and ending up dropping it (but I’m lazy so lol) what kind of computer do you have - different ones have different programs. Mac/apple had iMovie I believe - i haven’t check any free ones for PC yet. I used Camtasia in the past when I had a Mac - not free but it’s a good editor. Now I’m using Premier Pro or After Effects if I have to edit any of my videos.

Don’t rush into really big projects at first - it could be very overwhelming. Watch alot of youtube tutorials on your software- maybe look for ‘Easy’ tutorials for awhile. I have a couple sites where you can find free videos - I usually use them for gif overlays. I’ll send them later when I can get on my computer =)


Hm okay… Thank you!

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I have an effects pack that I downloaded, but what I need is resources. I started with wondershare filmora, which was amazing for beginners, but their watermark is really invasive. I don’t mind a watermark, but they have a huge one that gets all in your face. Now I’m using VDSC video editor and I think I have the basics down. It’s non-linear so I like that. And it lets me export without a watermark too. There are quite a lot if advanced functions in VDSC, but that’s to be expected because it’s a professional level software. I’m practicing for now, and it’s really fun!

Maybe blender - I heard you can edit videos in that

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Yup. I’m going to get blender, but mostly for animation lol

Back in the day, we would pop in the DVD and just cut clips from that as we saw fit.

But that was almost 2 decades back, now. I overwhelmingly stayed away from that as I like my edits not to move on me. Lol


Its possible that older DVDs would still allow it with the right programs.