Which cover?

I have the original cover that I’ve been using for Synthetic: Genesis, but I’m not entirely happy with it. So I made a new one, or I guess, two new ones. Which do you prefer?


New Variation 1

New Variation 2

Which Cover?
  • Original
  • New Variation 1
  • New variation 2
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I like the title/author name placement better in the first variation, but the graphic in the original is more captivating. Given the title, it evokes a “newborn” human emerging out of some sort of sci-fi goo lol

So do you think I should try and make a variation of the original that has better placement of the title and author name?

I kinda disagree tbh! I love the first one bc at least to me, it’s the best one that communicates the ‘synthetic’ part. Also, I actually like the placement of the words in it, I would just suggest that you keep ‘genesis’ the same size as ‘synthetic’ to keep it more uniform, and make the title as a whole stand out more against the smaller lettering of your name. If that makes sense-

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So, something more like this?


Yeah actually, it looks perfect now! I like how you made the bkgrnd darker and fade to black behind the words too, it makes them pop out more :slight_smile:

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