Which Idea is Best (IF)

  • Underpowered wizard saves the day
  • Soldier from the Evil Empire is the chosen one
  • A Supernatural Teen Drama where YOU make the choices
  • Fantasy-Romance about gods

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I have too many ideas. Please choose for me

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Seems that everyone has a different idea. Vote now to see your favorite idea win!


If you ever want to deal with Underpowered Wizards, read Terry Pratchett’s books involving Rincewind.

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I was thinking about tackling the Simon Snow series instead, but this has got to be better than the school that kicks out people when they loose their voice.

I don’t know. I guess the whole soldier from the evil empire being the chosen one sound pretty cool.

To me at least.

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I watched Netflix She-Ra and felt that I could do it better

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Evil empire soldier being the chosen one sounds unique and intriguing.

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