Which name spelling works best for this main character?

The name is totally made-up and the main character is male.

Choose wisely and this is a poll!

  • Anjanlor Terris.
  • Anjanlen Terris.
  • Anjan Terris
  • Anja Terris.
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The surname is obviously Terris and that will not change. Which variant of the first name really rolls of the tongue for you and look a bit pleasing?

Thoughts and Feelings?

NOTE: They all sound good in their own way, only one can win for my male MC.

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Honestly, the names Anjan and Anja are growing on me way more than the first top two.

I get the feeling the ones that are growing on me will get the most votes. It’s just a matter of which one will gain more than the other.

Guess I got to see later enough.

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I like the shorter ones honestly. Makes it dimple and easy to remember and pronounce. Anja sounds feminine to me though, do I went with Anjan


True and then in the real world there are so many guys with feminine sounding names or there was.


I chose Anjanlor, and I like this very much…

With your permission, could I use it in The Endurlon if your decide to not use this name?
I would change it a little to :- Anjandh-lor. That such as I found it to sound within my mind amidst the pronunciation of Ariilion’s ways…

Let me know of your thoughts…


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Ooh! That’s sounds awesome!
Go ahead! :blush::grin:

Anjan takes the lead with two votes.

UPDATE: Now, it is three. :grin:

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Anyone else?

Thank you kindly…

I will give credit in the foreword to you for this.


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Aww, shucks! :smiling_face:

Even if more votes came in, I believed I settled on the one with the most votes anyway.

Anjan Terris is the winner!

Thank you all for stopping by and voting!


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Well Anja where I’m from is feminine name, so I opted for next shortest name. Anjan actually sounds nice tho and easy to remember too!!

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Really? What country is that, out of curiosity?

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Yeah it is :sweat_smile: South Africa

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Sorry for the sudden shock. :sweat_smile:

First time speaking to a South African on here. I love speaking to different people from all over the world.:blush:

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Lmao it’s okay :joy: :joy: Ncooh gosh I love speaking to different people too!!

Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

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Come from a state called New Jersey.


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Ah, New Jersey! The state where you can experience all four seasons in a week (Trust me, I say this because you xp all the seasons in a day where I stay). Ik this bcoz I once met someone who was from there and they complained abt the weather :smile:

Here’s a little joke for you: Why don’t they play hide and seek in New Jersey? Because good luck hiding when you’re always in a traffic jam! :joy: :joy: Sorry I remember this joke from a movie I watched. I’m actually a bad at telling jokes lol

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