Who are your characters' siblings and what do they think of each other?

In my current WIP, I’m doing something I’ve never done before: have supporting characters with siblings actually interact with their siblings. Usually, they would have siblings which don’t make an appearance for whatever reason.

Marcus, a supporting character, is a prince with a large family and here’s what some of them think of each other:

Twin brother Gavius

  • Marcus thinks Gavius is: Best friend. Sometimes annoying. Has strange views on past-future philosophy. Should be worried about using once illegal magick. Too laid back. Thoughtful and kind.
  • Gavius thinks Marcus is: Best friend. Hero complex. Has skewed views on philosophies. Too strict about magick. Too uptight and serious. Respectable and strong with a big heart.

Younger Sister Maevy

  • Marcus thinks Maevy is: Spoiled. Sometimes sweet and motherly to younger siblings.
  • Maevy thinks Marcus is: Too proud. Hero complex. Kindhearted. Annoying big brother.

Younger Brother Millard

  • Marcus thinks Millard is: An angel. The sweetest little boy there ever was. Too cute to say “no” to. A bit of a crybaby.
  • Millard thinks Marcus is: A hero. The best brother ever.

Try it with your characters. I wanna know what the siblings are like :wink: Doesn’t have to be main characters. Anyone you want but pick just one.


I will be back, because I got a very interesting pair of siblings :sweat_smile: :skull:


Niko has a half-sister named Karina who is basically the Tsukasa to his Konata. In ither words, Karina is a turbo-normie who married a Hallmark Christmas Movie star that Niko can never remember the name of becaiue he is so forgettably handsome.


First, I tend to go for large families, especially if the parents aren’t strictly monogamist, some from cultures or eras where getting rid of children is difficult.

Part of that is from my own experience

…with my uncles: children everywhere. I have had cousins exclaim, disgustedly, “My own damn cousin is my brother!” Or stories about how, “We know kid A ain’t Uncle B’s because he was in Nam, but he looks just like Uncle C so nobody says anything.”

Considering that cousin is a bit slow and Uncle B always treated him as his own, why would I say anything? Cousins from Uncle C did point to pics up at Uncle C’s funeral and said how much Cousin A looks like that, and Cousin A was always close with Uncle C’s first son (who was raised like he was my father’s brother because that was another messy drama).

My father was much younger than his brothers, watched their lives and did a 180 from them, staying ridiculously sober, extremely monogamous, and willing to get snipped when enough was enough, so I only have 2 living siblings myself.

The next youngest uncle/aunt had 8, confirmed to me. I know, there’s more I don’t know about out there, I’m sure.

But for Begging is for Losers

Rachael’s parents are deliberately breeding kids for their own purposes, so I never give a full number, but make it clear that it’s more than humans would have, normally. They don’t come into the story until “where the traditional ending should be”, and these kids will transition out her life after the story ends, so she has no relationship with most all of them. Nathaniel had triplet brothers, and some one-night-stand/affair sisters growing up in Reno. The brothers? Nate’s their Alpha/older brother, so they follow in his wake and aren’t really important to the story. I think I’ll kill one or something.

These are Werewolves. I treat them like they often breed like bunnies, prone to multiples, prone to being “in heat”, why wouldn’t they have any less than dogs breeding? Only child always confused me in this genre.

The Fairways Empire

Harvold Twelfthborn lives like an only child as he grew up in a magic academy apart from his family, but depending on how you count his siblings he’s got, what, 15 siblings?

His relationship is stranger/son to 1, uncle we never see to 2, Lord of the Manor to another, the wicked baby brother warlock who allowed a demon to drag his brother home to threaten him into ruling the family land for the last one I bothered writing an interaction for.

The Assassin's Journals

Gan-ma has no siblings. De-Meraine has as many siblings as his father could assault a city into reproducing over a lifespan of being not much more than “a corrupt cop”–they aren’t called cops, but it suits what they do. The whole situation is a driving part of De-Meraine’s over-serious nature and rage, and is a part of why he doesn’t lighten up until justice is served. Most of the siblings didn’t know, were good, hard-working people, you know the kind of people you’d repopulate a clan with so that way you could get rid of all the elders who were crap? So, the adult relationships are good business investments, and a few of them are even fairly friendly, but there’s too many of them to ever all be close.

And most those that are still small children are adopted by their older brother. They treat him as their father.

In the Game of the Gods

Syyraine is an experiment, so her direct parents and siblings are unknowable. They are lizards, so they can have large broods, she’s just alone. Dreithan has a half-brother and half-sister: the future King of the Elves and the start of the Halflings. He treats his brother as a peer and his sister as a kid. Brother-king seees him as peer/vassal, and sister is frustrated because she’s an adult, just with the simplicity of a Halfling.

To Make a Kinder Children's Tale

Esme’s likely half-siblings are her thieves guild peers. They weren’t raised like family, they don’t feel like family.

Althalos has two sisters barely mentioned, as he was their baby brother and they were grown when he was born. He’s close to a 1st cousin, and they act like siblings: Rileus is bossy.


There’s the ghost twins, Ryder and his sister Celia, from one of my stories.

For the most part, they’re pretty close and have a good relationship with each other. In life, they were a couple of Victorian-era grave-robbing/bandit lowlifes. Ryder was killed in 1863 after a heist, when he was back-stabbed (quite literally) by his partner-in-crime, Celia. They both ended up dying in the ensuing fight with each other. Whoever struck first depends on which twin you ask. They’ve since buried the hatchet (that one’s figurative) in the centuries since in the afterlife. Ryder and Celia are still partners in crime to this day, robbing other ghosts blind.


From the House of Naivin, I have Soren, Maiandra, Thallan, and Nixora along Kizaris.

Soren, Maiandra, and Thallan are the children of Solana and Tavian.

Nixora and Kizaris are the children of Tavian and Rumia.

Soren and his siblings have a fairly good relationship that is a bit rocky because they are still trying to cope with their parents’ death while dealing with other issues.

Nixora never really had that great of a relationship with her older brother because he was always to himself then he abandoned the family like Tavian.

However, Nixora hates her half-siblings who are Soren, Thallan, and Maiandra because they stole her father from her and her mother and because they are royalty.

Nixora is willing to put up with Soren and his siblings in order to figure out how their father died for the sake of closure.

Yet the feeling is mutual since Soren and his siblings hate Nixora too.

That is all I got.


Oh geez a lot of my main cast have siblings :joy: I’ll have to pull out the notes for the list so will be back after class


Okay, here we go :joy:

Inter-Universal Protectors Series

Amneris' Sibling

Amneris’s half-sister is Xix. They became very close to each other and care about each other a lot. Amneris sometimes gets a little annoyed by Xix because she’s new to her job and still learning the ways things work, but she always looks out for her little sister.

Nikki's Siblings

Nikki’s siblings are Sebastian, Chloe, Stacy, Chris, Dora and Jason.
Nikki only really gets along with Dora and Jason. The others she looks out for because of a family obligation as the eldest sister. Most of her siblings (minus Dora and Jason) find Nikki kinda bitchy and are jealous of her power and role

Zoe's Siblings

Zoe’s siblings are Pearl and Taylor. They don’t talk much anymore but they don’t hate each other. They more all drifted apart over time.

Carmin's Sibling

Carmin and her sister Brenna do NOT get along. This is mainly because of Carmin’s abilities. Brenna got jealous and ended up disowning her sister, even more so when Carmin became part of the reason for the Revolution (looooong story)

Dan's Siblings

Dan’s siblings are Drake and Tia. He gets on alright with Drake but they aren’t exactly close for no reason other than they aren’t. He’s a lot closer to Tia and the two hang out at least once a month to catch up.

Jay's Siblings

Jay’s siblings are Kiana, Melody, Isla, Bolt, Thorn and Magus.
He only gets along well with Kiana (his big sister). Jay’s main rivalry is with Bolt and Thorn, his younger brothers who wanted the throne. Royal families are complicated like that. The others Jay just isn’t all that close to.

Kayla's Siblings

Kayla’s siblings are Kailani, Maren, Maya, Lana and Polly.
The only one Kayla is still in contact with is Lana. The two were close growing up and Lana was the only one who really supported Kayla when she went into Healing. Maren she isn’t not close to, but the two don’t see each other often. The others Kayla never got along with because youngest sister. They thought she was spoilt (she wasn’t)

Colt's Sibling

Colt’s sister is Tara. That relationship is just complicated af

Xix's Sibling

Xix’s half-sister is Amneris. It took her a while to warm up to Amneris but they did get very close very quickly. Xix works with her a lot and, while it did take some time to get used to her sister’s strange behaviour, they figured each other out.

Ema's Sibling

Ema and her sister Semele basically don’t acknowledge each other exist.

The Photon Cycle

Hathor's Sibling

Hathor’s step-brother is Horus. In the timeline of the story, they only met recently. They would’ve grown up together if not for unforeseen events. Horus teases her a lot in the way older brothers do, but he does care about his little sister and keeps an eye out for her.

Troy's Siblings

Troy’s siblings are Fynn, Ash, Percy, Asnea, Tori and Hope.
He does not get along with his brothers or Ash because he’s the oldest son of the Alpha and they all want to be the pack leader for reasons Troy just doesn’t get.
He gets on well with his twin, Tori, and his little sisters Asnea and Hope. Troy looks out for them even when he’s not around and is trying to get them away from the pack before they’re forced into marriage because he doesn’t want to put them into that. Tori, Asnea and Hope love him very much and care a lot about their big brother, and even helped him leave to go to a proper school.

Sky's Siblings

Sky’s siblings are Mia and Theo.
As the middle and trans child, Sky isn’t exactly liked by Theo who constantly give him a hard time. He doesn’t not get along with Mia but he also doesn’t not-not get along with Mia. They more have a general acceptance of each other and that’s it.

Maddie's Siblings

Maddie’s siblings are Isabella, Amelia, Sophia, Zoe, Aiden, Connor, Hunt and Silas.
Due to coming from a “traditional” family, being the youngest girl and the only one who actually got away from her family to experience the real world, Maddie is generally hated by all her siblings. The only ones she gets along with are Sophia (who was always like a mother figure to Maddie) and her twin brother Connor. They’re also the only two who understand why Maddie left and helped her do so.

Isaiah's Siblings

Isaiah’s siblings are Bianca, Crystal, Eira, Nick and Boreas.
Isaiah is the eldest of all his siblings so they all hate him a bit for that, some more than others. Crystal hates Isaiah and believes she’s better than him because she’s an Aure and is teaching Boreas, who is also an Aure, to do the same. Nick hates Isaiah because he has some very, uh, traditional ideas about who should do what that Isaiah doesn’t agree with. Isaiah and Eira have a mutual respect for each other, and that’s about it, but they do start to get closer later on. Isaiah only is close to Bianca and the two try to look out for each other as much as possible

Imogene's Siblings

Imogene’s siblings are Uri and Tanya.
The three get along well, care about each other and support each other all the time.

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In The First Day, the four main characters are quadruplets: Pearl, Scar, June, and Red.

As of the prologue, the siblings have been traveling together for months, on this quest to find some artifact. They have no idea what this artifact is, though, or even where they’re supposed to be going.

Now, they’re all close, but Pearl and Scar, and June and Red, have their own sort of closeness. This is because Pearl and Scar are more chaotic with each other, while June and Red are the laid-back pair. They all love each other, but sometimes June and Red need a break, or Pearl and Scar need to be extra crazy, so they actively stay in their little pairs when this happens.

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Fianna is also a supporting character, a member of an anarchist group, with a small family.

Younger Sister Ophelia

Ophelia thinks Fianna is: Tough, stone-cold, stoic, reliant, bossy, awkwardly kind, thoughtful and responsible, but a bit too prone to anger. Is jealous of her own ability to provide care and stability to herself, and slightly resents Fianna for treating her like a baby.

Fianna thinks Ophelia is: Kind, warm, sweet, youthful, and bubbly. Selflessly kind in a way that hurts her, and reckless in that she’ll do anything for anyone, but won’t consider taking care of herself first. Fianna frets that Ophelia won’t be “prepared for the world” as she considers her too naive.

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I shall return tomorrow when I have time to indulge in everyone’s wonderful creations.

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Summary of Errol's relationship with his siblings

Errol only has one sibling left. He had a big family at one point with lots of siblings but they don’t make an appearance because they died a long time ago. Like, hundreds of years ago. Errol is a changeling fae and his siblings are all human so he outlived all but one, but she used magic to prolong her life and became a witch.

All his other siblings adored Errol at first and thought he was the better older sibling between him and Nattaleah, who is about a year older than him. He took good care of them, was sweet and funny, and was all around loveable. But then they slowly began to catch on that something was different about him and one by one they realized he could be dangerous. He was manipulative and liked to find ways to hurt them without them knowing it was him, until they finally caught on.

Nattaleah seemed to know there was something wrong with him from the beginning though and was constantly telling her family to be wary of him. She went ignored for a long time until the proof was so obvious their parents couldn’t deny it anymore and disowned Errol. That wasn’t enough for Nattaleah, and that’s when she went into magic to start hunting him down.

Nattaleah and Errol have a very poor relationship, with her hating him so much that she actively is trying to kill him. She loathes him for all the pain and suffering he has caused her throughout her long life, and finds him to be a dispicable person all around. She sort of demonizes him, though, one could argue she does so with good reason. She certainly thinks he’s worse than he is, but he’s not exactly wonderful either.

Errol doesn’t hate Nattaleah, and actually enjoys the game of cat and mouse they play. He likes her always chasing him down and trying to kill him because it’s the one constant thing in his life and the only relationship he’s had that has lasted the test of time, even if it is a negative one. He still knows she’s dangerous and finds her annoying and unpleasant, but he doesn’t want her dead. Otherwise he would have killed her already a long time ago. He doesn’t love her like siblings should though. If anything, he at least finds her entertaining, and that’s why he allows her to live.

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Uriel practically worships her deceased older brother and they had a good relationship for the most part.

Askeladden had two brothers as he was the youngest triplet and though they were very different from him (fighters, not thinkers) they got along well together and their deaths really shook him.

Nettie and Zettie are so close they finish each others sentences.

Klaus’s relationship with his little sister is not fully developed but I believe he’s protective of her and she’s kind of rebellious.

Similarly I didn’t get into Tzipporah’s younger siblings but she’s a very caring motherly person so she definitely loves them and is kind to them.

Tristram and Halla are close but they regularly bicker and banter with each other because Halla is quite prickly but in the end they do love each other. They just seem like they’re always fighting from an outsider’s perspective but insiders know it’s just how they show they care.

All in all most characters have good sibling relationships, it’s more the parents (esp Askeladden’s and Uriel’s who are the problem). And since the book has a bit of a theme of generational abuse and trauma and how one character ends up continuing the cycle up until the very end and the other character manages to break the cycle, I think it makes sense.

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Alright, so this pair of siblings play pretty significant roles in the trilogy :joy: WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS FOR BLOOD WILL TELL AND ITS SEQUELS.

Also, this is gonna be a pretty long post :sweat_smile:

le siblings

So the siblings I’m referring to are Edin, the protagonist, and Damon, the villain. Yes, they’re brothers. Yes, they’re also twins. Nope, they’re not identical twins—they’re fraternal twins, even though they look astonishingly alike :joy: oh, and fun fact, Edin is the older twin, which may or may not surprise some people.

Well they’ve had a rather interesting relationship, which changes throughout the course of the series and their lives as a whole. Here’s a timeline, sort of.

Ages 0–4

Back when both brothers were precious little beans—even someone as irredeemable as Damon was once innocent :pensive:

The two had a healthy relationship. Edin thought of Damon as a close companion, someone to play tag with while their parents were away doing, uh, things :sweat_smile: he also saw Damon as a leader because he’s the more assertive kid. And, this may shock you, but he used to see him as a more caring kid too. Before Damon got tainted by sorcery, he had a more sympathetic soul. Edin also thought of Damon as someone strong and cool since he could do magic whereas Edin himself couldn’t.

In return, Damon saw Edin as a brother whom he must protect at all costs. You heard that right—Damon was one of the OG members of the Edin Protection Squad :tm: before he did a full 180 :skull: he saw Edin as a loyal and reliable follower, someone he knew would be by his side whenever he was up to something. Edin’s lack of confidence also made him look timid in Damon’s eyes.

Unfortunately for the duo, their relationship was going to go downhill from there :skull:


This is when things started to change between the two. At about four or five years old, their father introduced Damon to the art of sorcery: dark magic. The use of dark magic corrupts the soul of whoever uses it, and if not treated in time, the corruption becomes permanent. I think you can see where this is going :skull:

So Edin still saw Damon as an assertive leader, and he also saw him as the smarter brother. However, as Damon aged, he seemed colder and meaner. Damon used to be Edin’s unofficial guardian and close companion, but it all changed during that fateful day when Damon threw Edin under the bus for the first time, which resulted in Edin being cursed by his own father :skull: Edin didn’t know how to take his brother’s change of heart. He thought of him as a brother who had lost his way and wanted to bring him back to his old, caring self.

As for Damon? He saw Edin as weak. Not just weaker than him, but just plain weak. As the two grew older and his sorcery further corrupted him, Damon thought of Edin as a pawn more than a loyal sibling. When Edin pleaded with him to go back to his caring self, Damon thought that Edin was immature and stuck in his ways.

And it only gets worse from there.


When the pair were eight years old, both of their parents were ambushed and murdered by the Guild of Gifted Guardians. Their maternal relatives, the Illenræn Clan, took custody of them from then on. All of them—with the exception of their younger cousin, Lilith—were guardians, unlike their sorcerer parents. The two siblings took this shift quite differently.

Edin was so glad to be living with his maternal relatives rather than with his parents. Not that he hated his parents, because he was still a small child who didn’t know how to really hate them, but he knew they were bad people and let’s just say that they didn’t treat him well :skull: his parents favored Damon over Edin, who was showered with praise, attention, and affection; Edin was more accustomed to insults, beatings, and other things :skull: so he was very happy to live with good people who didn’t look down on him for his lack of magic or pressure him into doing evil things.

In contrast, Damon hated it. Being in that household meant that he could no longer practice sorcery—openly, at least. Unlike his parents, his uncle and aunt were not afraid to reprimand and even punish him for his bad behavior. So he acted the part. Also, since he had been practicing sorcery for at least three years, Damon’s soul was beyond redemption at that point and the corruption was permanent :skull:

Edin thought of Damon as a rebel, a hothead, someone who was used to being spoiled by their parents. Gone was the warm brother he knew in his early years. Damon was cold, uncaring, and docile on a good day. And when their maternal relatives started educating them, Edin saw Damon as a smart—albeit snarky—kid who was also rather snobby.

In contrast, Damon saw Edin as a weak puppet who was too soft and fearful. And, as their maternal relatives started educating the two, he also saw Edin as particularly stupid and inferior. Edin was a disgrace to their paternal legacy in his eyes.

The two still had good moments every now and then. If Damon felt like it, he and Edin would go play tag or some other childhood game. Don’t let it fool you like it fooled Edin—it was all an act to look like a normal kid. Yes, even his playful side was a façade :skull:


So, some more context before I detail how the siblings felt about each other. Most gifteds—people born with special abilities—would go on to become guardians, whose main tasks were to slay wild beasts and kill sorcerers. Since Edin and Damon were both gifteds who were being raised by guardians, it was only natural for their relatives to push the duo into pursuing the path of a guardian. Edin wasn’t opposed. Well, Damon—I don’t really need to say it, do I?

Anyway, while Edin and Damon were being raised, they were also told more about what exactly their parents did. Their parents did very serious crimes that aren’t child-friendly, so the Illenræns waited till they were older before they could delve deeper into their parents’ history :skull: oh, and back then the brothers didn’t know that the guardians were responsible for killing their parents. That fact was also revealed later.

Edin, being the good boy he was, automatically sided with the guardians and his mother’s side. Damon was the opposite, siding with sorcery and his paternal legacy. Damon still put up his act of being a dutiful nephew, but in secret he was already honing the art of sorcery and formulating a plan to take the good side down. When Edin caught Damon practicing sorcery, Damon threatened to kill Edin if he ever told anyone, killing a creature right in front of his brother’s eyes and threatening to do likewise if he didn’t keep his mouth shut. Damon was also convinced that sorcery was a misunderstood magic and that the guardians were wrong to suppress it and his paternal side for pushing it. He tried to get Edin to join him, but to no avail.

Edin saw Damon as someone who was in desperate need of being saved. He saw Damon as smart, strong, skillful, and talented, but also as someone who was cold, cunning, diabolical, and misled. He felt that Damon was manipulating him too, but he didn’t know how to put a stop to it.

On the other hand, Damon thought of Edin as someone who was swallowed up by propaganda and incapable of thinking for himself or thinking more rationally. He was inferior in many ways—stupider, weaker, less skilled, untalented, too soft and too emotional. He even thought Edin was disloyal! Edin used to stick by Damon’s side back when they were still very young, but now, Edin had sided with his “distant” family and the guardians—the same people who murdered their parents. It was starting this period when Damon considered Edin a target.


And if you think that wasn’t bad enough, ho boy, it gets even worse from here. In his late teen years, Edin finally gathered the courage to tell the Illenræns that Damon had been a sorcerer the whole time. Damon wasn’t pleased to hear it. So what did he do? He ran away from home.

Well, not just that, but the two had a confrontation. Edin caught Damon trying to run away from home and confronted him on the land just outside the castle—yes they lived in a castle. They talked, Damon responded with a fireball, and the two brothers legit dueled against each other for the first time. This was no practice sparring session; it was a proper duel to the death. Edin would’ve died had it not been for the intervention of his cousin, who took a longer time to realize that Damon had escaped. Damon retreated into the wilderness, knowing that he wasn’t strong enough—yet—to take on many gifteds on his own.

And then came the wedding tragedy, which happened when both brothers were twenty-one years old. Loren, their cousin, was supposed to wed the love of his life. Edin couldn’t attend because of, uh, circumstances, so the rest of the family went without him. They didn’t return home for a few days after the wedding date, which made Edin curious. He went out. He bumped into his brother and realized that he was the one who murdered everyone—except for one person—at the wedding, including their last remaining family. And then they had another duel, which Edin lost.

It was during this period that Edin started feeling resentment towards Damon. At first he thought that Damon could be redeemed, but soon realized that there could be no more redemption for him. He saw him as evil, heartless, and—this made his heart break—someone who must die.

Damon’s opinion of Edin didn’t change much. He did consider Edin a target, but he wasn’t sure whether to kill him outright or somehow turn him into a tool. Eventually he decided to try manipulating him instead. So after he won their second duel, Damon didn’t kill Edin outright—he put an amnesia curse on him instead, and maybe a gradual death curse because why not. With Edin’s memories gone, Damon hoped to be able to manipulate him into joining his side later in life. Edin was no brother—he was a tool.

Blood Will Tell — Act I — Ages 21–26

Thanks to none other than his murderous brother, Edin got his memories wiped. He couldn’t remember anything that happened before the day he got rescued by Arden, the deuteragonist of the trilogy. That also meant that he totally forgot that he was blood brothers with the realm’s most evil and powerful menace. While Damon was wrecking havoc throughout the realm, Edin was busy training under Arden’s tutelage. He didn’t think of Damon at all until much later. Damon, on the other hand, was wondering whether Edin was alive or dead.

Then they met again near the end of Act I. Edin had no idea who Damon was other than “bad guy who I must stop at all costs,” so when he sees him for the first time in years, he straight up tries to murder him. And Damon retaliates. Edin gets knocked out during their fight, and before Damon can do anything more, Arden steps in to save Edin and whisks him away. The brothers would meet again at the end of Act I—Arden and Damon were battling in a cavern when Edin rushed to join Arden’s side. Edin was knocked out by Damon, again, and it looked like the latter was going to win when he managed to injure Arden as well. There was just one problem: his strike made Arden bleed, which triggered Edin’s bloodlust curse, which meant that Edin went from poor-cinnamon-roll-who-was-straight-up-unconscious to mindbogglingly-powerful-and-terrifyingly-bloodthirsty-and-unstoppable-warrior who almost singlehandedly killed Damon. If Damon didn’t escape, Edin would’ve killed him then and there.

Due to his amnesia, Edin’s previous relationship with Damon didn’t affect how he felt about him then. In his mind, Damon was just a really powerful evil guy that they had to kill.

Damon had a lot more to say of his brother, on the other hand. The current Edin was a much luckier bastard compared to pre-amnesia Edin. He was also much stronger than he remembered. As far as powers were concerned, Damon no longer considered Edin a weakling. He still considered him a pawn though, and with his memories wiped, Damon was eager to use him as the tool he intended him to be.

Blood Will Tell — Act II and Act III — Age 26

So Damon kickstarts his plan into action. All gifteds have the ability to communicate telepathically with close blood relatives and people close to them. So what does he do? He uses this to enter Edin’s mind and taunt him through telepathy. He goes, “Hey there, did you know that we’re actually related?”

At the same time, Edin has managed to uncover parts of his past, including the fact that he’s cousins with Arden’s late fiancé, Loren Illenræn. So when Damon tells him that they’re related, Edin tries to deny it, saying that there’s no way he can be related to Damon and Loren at the same time.

Poor guy, there is a way for that to happen :skull:

Anyway, Edin starts thinking of Damon as a nuisance for popping into his head and refusing to leave—Edin wasn’t skilled enough in telepathy to push him out—in addition to being an evil guy who must die. He’s also scared of what his connection to Damon could entail—if the two were close in the past, does that mean that Edin was a villain before his memories got wiped?

And on the other side, Damon was having the time of his life taunting his brother while recovering from their last big battle. He still saw Edin as someone he could use, someone he could twist into joining his side.

Damon doesn’t get to use telepathy to manipulate Edin for the whole book, to Edin’s luck—at the end of Act II, Arden severs the link between his and Damon’s minds.

Act III is where Edin realizes that he is indeed Damon’s biological brother in addition to being Loren’s biological cousin, which sends him into a crisis. After he recovers some memories regarding his past, which he keeps to himself out of fear that he’d be ostracized for being related to Damon, he then becomes determined to kill Damon himself. The two brothers meet in another battle at the end of Act III, where Edin confronts Damon regarding their shared past. Damon tells his version of the past events. He tells Edin that the guardians murdered their family, which is true; and tells him that he’s out to avenge his family’s deaths, which is also true; but he also conveniently leaves out the fact that their parents and father’s side were all evil :skull: Edin refuses to join him at first. The two battle, Damon defeats Edin, and uses his magic to absorb Edin into his body so that they become a singular entity, two minds sharing one body.

At the end of Act III—and the book itself—Edin thought of Damon as someone cruel and heartless. How dare Damon kill off his own family—after all, Loren and the rest of the clan were his blood relatives too! Edin also felt that it was his duty to stop Damon once and for all. Edin failed to stop Damon back when they were younger, so he sought to “right his wrong” by going on a solo mission to stop him himself.

Damon, on the other hand, thought Edin was stupid for refusing to join him when he offered, and for dismissing Damon’s “truth” as “lies.” He still saw him as a tool for the most part. However, he also saw him as a brother who had been led astray and must be brought back to the path that their parents had paved for them.

Blood Will Boil — Act IV and Act V — Age 26

This book is where it gets extra spicy. While the guardians work to uncover Edin’s past, which the Illenræns had tried to bury before they all got killed off, Edin and Damon were quarreling in their shared headspace. Damon’s been trying to convince Edin to join him by revealing stuff about their past, while Edin tries to dismiss them as “lies” even though he has a sinking feeling that the stuff that Damon’s telling him is true.

And to his credit, it is true—Damon just leaves out the rest of the truth to manipulate Edin into thinking that the guardians are the bad guys who massacred their clan without a good reason :skull:

Edin’s opinion of Damon experiences a turning point when Edin manages to connect with his former mentor, Arden, telepathically. She confirms that yes, the guardians did kill off his parents and the rest of his dad’s side, and she accidentally let slip that she snooped into his diary :skull: unfortunately, she was not able to tell him that his family was evil which was why they were killed off in the first place; Edin was too furious and hurt to hear and cut off the connection before she could explain.

Now Edin sees Damon as someone who’s been misjudged and someone who’s been telling the truth the whole time. Though he doesn’t agree with Damon’s mass murder tactics, he no longer sees him as purely an antagonist.

Damon, having realized his brother’s shift in perspective, starts to see him as an ally in addition to being a tool he can manipulate. He starts to see him as a loyal brother again, like when they were much younger.

At the start of Act V, the Guild announces that ED—the shared body of Edin and Damon—must die, which means that Edin must be killed along with Damon. Edin feels even more betrayed by the people he used to fight for. Damon jumps on the chance to invite Edin to his side, and Edin finally agrees. Edin no longer sees Damon as a threat, but as someone out for rightful revenge. He sees him as someone he should support in the fight against injustice. Damon, on the other hand, sees Edin as more of an ally and brother than a tool, now that he has gained Edin’s loyalty.

So from that point on, the two go from being simply blood brothers to Mass Murder Brothers :tm: :skull: :skull:

And then a shift of perspective changes again at the end of the book! Edin and Damon face off against the remaining guardians—well, a chunk of them anyway—in a boss battle, nearly winning until Arden—Edin’s former mentor and the realm’s strongest guardian—enters the battlefield and subdues them. Arden first orders Edin to stop. Damon wants to kill Arden because, you know, they’re archenemies and all, but Edin is reluctant to kill his former mentor. This makes Damon furious, so he seizes full control of their shared body in an attempt to kill Arden. When this happens, Edin tries his best to restrain his brother. Arden eventually paralyzes them and uses her telepathy to enter their headspace. Arden and Edin then have another tense talk in his mind. Arden cuts her hair in front of Edin to reveal an eyeless socket—a scar from the wedding tragedy, which she got thanks to Damon. This sends Edin into a shock. Arden tells Edin that, hey, your entire family was evil and they were all killed, and you shouldn’t choose the brother who’s literally tried to murder you multiple times over the person who saved and stood up for you even though you were a literal stranger. Yeah, their conversation was intense, to say the least :skull:

Edin’s view of Damon shifts again at the end of the book. Edin realizes that Damon’s been manipulating him through half-truths and sees him as the manipulative monster he is. He reverts to thinking of him as a cruel, evil, deceitful, irredeemable, and someone who must die. With Arden’s help, Edin splits from Damon and the two brothers go back to having separate bodies instead of sharing one.

At the end of the book, Damon thinks of Edin as a traitor for deserting him and no longer sees him as a brother, but a target he must kill. He goes from seeing him as an ally to wanting to murder him for leaving his side again. He doesn’t even consider manipulation an option anymore, thinking that he’s too far blinded by the guardians’ propaganda.

Out for Blood — Act VI and Act VII — Ages 26–28

The interesting thing about Act VI is that Edin stays unconscious for, like, most of the act. Yup. He spends about 1/7 of the entire trilogy just knocked out cold :ragejoy: while Edin’s stuck in a coma, he gets his memories back. He wakes up at the tail end of Act VI with his memories back, and that’s when he remembers how horrible Damon is and is filled with even more fury towards his brother. As for Damon? His view of Edin doesn’t really change from his view of him in Act V.

Act VII, two years after the events of Act VI, is where things get interesting. After Edin and Damon split, their telepathic connection somehow got restored. Edin accidentally goes into Damon’s mind during a dream. Instead of having their connection severed, he and the guardians decide to use it to spy on Damon instead. Damon catches Edin spying on him through telepathy though :skull: well not to worry. Arden’s managed to teach Edin how to block Damon out of his mind, so they’ve got that part handled.

Their feelings toward each other don’t change until the final battle, where Edin plunges his sword through Damon’s heart and finally kills him. Near the end of the book, while the entire realm is celebrating Damon’s death, Edin excuses himself to do some “unfinished business.” He piles up the corpses of his evil family, Damon included, with the intention to set them on fire and cremate them. Before he uses his fire powers to burn the bodies, he looks at Damon’s dead face. Seeing him so peaceful makes Edin almost—keyword: almost—feel sorry for him. Yes, he was terrible and deserved death and worse than that, but seeing him actually dead made Edin wonder whether Damon would’ve been a villain if he was born without magic. It’s less of an “I feel sorry now that you’re dead” feeling but more like a “what we could’ve been, had you not been corrupted” feeling.

So yeah, that’s it. That’s what Edin and Damon thought of each other :sweat_smile:

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