Winter holidays in your stories?

What are some winter holidays in your stories? How are they celebrated?

Sorcerers of Elgana LOVE festivals, holidays, and it’s a wonder they get any work done :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a nice Christmas-like holiday called Galiausmos or Galasmass or Galismas or Winter Festival (depending on the race of the citizen) which is kind of a hybrid of Christmas and Valentine’s Day because of the heavy emphasis on spending it with your significant other. For Sorcerers, it’s a wintertime celebration of love which happens once a year and lasts a week. At the end of the week, Sorcerers can officially tie the knot and become partners.

Anything in your stories?


Okay more than one but I have one that I’ve actually developed :joy:

It’s called The Freeze. Everyone hundred years, the northern and southern oceans of Lyriumia freeze (thus the name). It’s totally normal when this happens. Whenever it happens (at least, in the capital city), there’s a big camp dinner and party out on the ice to celebrate another century gone by and, traditionally, to thank the First Beings, Primordials and Elementals (a.k.a. Gods) for providing for them. It’s now less about the latter and more a celebration of everyone coming together and putting aside their differences to better lives for all.


My Knomes have a books-giving tradition during for the winter season, but they don’t belive in holidays :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am back!

I don’t have an actual winter holiday in mind, but my winter kingdom called Movaria has plenty of winter holidays.

I haven’t really thought about what those could be.

Hey, Ena, you just gave me a great idea for a thread. Thanks a bunch, friend!

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I’m thinking of adding some kind of founder’s day celebration maybe, or something to celebrate the original primogenitor of the royal family. I’ll have to think about it some more. (=^ェ^=)

I don’t really write holidays, much.

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I haven’t made up a winter holiday for my stories…
I have based somethings around current traditions though.

Cabal in his early years discovered Christmas when he was about eight. As a vampire’s son, he had no idea what the holiday was even about. His mother is quite derisive about the whole thing (having heard Jesus preach way back in the day). Intrigued by it, and by the humans spirit of giving during that time, he played an orphaned urchin on the streets before his mother would wake to gain trinkets and money and even food for a few years.

Later in his life - after the world fell - the Christmas tradition pulled much tighter to the religious roots and instead of giving presents and celebrating family, the time around Christmas was mandated prayer and church attendance. Very pious, very strict, and no room left for merriment. Cabal resurrected what he remembered of Christmas gift-giving with Miranda after they became a steady couple. (After her accidental turning truthfully)

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Probably the only time winter is referred to as a holiday in my writing. This is a (stand-alone) short story draft, created for a university project.

Powerful and Fragile

Krista grunted as she paced into the dark hallway, wrenching Freyja out of their bedroom by the scruff of her pyjama top. Krista’s hand abandoned Freyja’s collar and she turned to her.

‘What’s the matter?’ Krista rasped. ‘You want to ask Dov, right?’

Freyja glanced down as her hands pressed together. ‘Yes, but–’

‘Well, come on!’ Krista snatched up Freyja’s elbow and continued her march down the hall. ‘You’re happy to spar with any merc in the ring, but you’re afraid of the one fighter who’ll never hurt you.’

‘I’m not scared,’ Freyja mumbled, stumbling behind her.

Krista stopped beside Dov’s door, turning Freyja to the handle. ‘Then ask him.’

Freyja’s gaze darted between Krista retreating into the shadows and the door, then she knocked on the frame.

‘One moment.’ The door creaked open and Freyja shuffled back as Dov stepped out, adjusting his Australian Army tracksuit. ‘Shalom, Freyja. Would you like some tea or hot chocolate?’

‘No, Dov.’ Freyja’s gaze shifted to her feet. ‘I had dinner with Krista. We are going to bed now.’

‘You earned an early night,’ Dov said. ‘Again, I’m impressed.’

‘Ah, thank you.’ Freyja swallowed as her features reddened. ‘I…uh…’

Dov stroked Freyja’s hair. ‘Relax, it’s okay.’

Freyja’s eyes darted up to him. ‘The winter holidays are coming and…’

‘How about a trip north, to the mountains?’ Dov said. ‘I’ll teach you skiing.’

Freyja smiled. ‘Perfect.’

Dov patted her shoulder. ‘Anything else?’

‘No,’ Freyja replied. ‘Sorry to keep you awake.’

‘I’m always here for you,’ Dov said. ‘Good night, Freyja.’

‘Have wonderful dreams.’ Freyja’s smile grew as Dov retired to his room, closing the door behind him.

Krista paced forward and caressed Freyja’s side. ‘Mazel tov.’

Freyja spun and wrapped her arms around Krista. ‘You were right. That was easy.’

Krista wheezed as Freyja’s hold tightened. ‘You just needed practice.’

‘And Krista needs to practice hiding,’ Dov called from his room. ‘Now go to bed.’

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