Winter Woods II; Chat and Relax

Well, I know Carmen is studying right now and she’s enjoying it, but I guess it depends on the person. Maybe you’ll learn or grow to love the idea of being an actually Doctor

Ooh :eyes:

How is it?

Don’t forget me when you’re hired to work for NASA


It’s nice. The required courses for first year engineering are actually not bad. It’s just that I came in with credits so I skipped most of them, and ended up taking courses meant for sophomores :sweat_smile:

I won’t :slight_smile: but it won’t happen because NASA only accepts American citizens. I’m not American so :joy:

I’m more likely to work for Boeing, General Electric, or Gulfstream :wink: commercial aviation is what interests me the most


XD LOLOL oooooh~ :eyes:
is he/she/they already beginning to take the courses?

yep ^^
this reminds me of the pep-talks my pre-k & kindergarten teachers often gave xD


Yeah, but I’m definitely not in the place to have a family since I don’t have anyone to start a family with lol. Plus even if I was, I wouldn’t be planning on having kids during all this lockdown pandemic craziness :sweat_smile: you should pursue it if you really want to, as long as you know that it isn’t easy and you have something else you can do to support yourself too. I don’t see why anyone should cross it off their options if they want to do it, they should at least try right? :slight_smile: it doesn’t have to be now, it can be whenever you’re ready in life.

Thanks. Right now life has me in one place, but hopefully I can get the confidence and timing right to do something more with my writing not too far in the future. I have no idea how to get started, it’s very intimidating for me, and I don’t know anybody that could help me in real life.


I think so. If memory serves me right, she went to study in Germany after we graduated high school. I don’t know which university, but it’s gotta be a good one.


I guess it’s time for me to answer my own question

Hmm, I remember from preschool to 1st grade I really wanted to be a doctor (one that works in clinics or something) cause it was super cool and I loved the idea of helping out other people.

Then fast forward to 3rd-5th grade, I wanted to be an artist/animator, mostly because I was inspired by the cartoons that I used to watch (my little pony, my littlest pet shop, etc.) and I loved to draw

In 6th-7th I contemplated to become a musician/(music/art) teacher, mostly because I liked the idea of teacher people and I was getting into music a little bit more.

Now, I don’t really have anything in mind because I find myself bored of things and getting distracted easily. So I think I’m just going to get a job where I can support myself enough and do things I love on my own time (art commissions on the side and writing~)


…woah O.O



Ah, that’s nice!

In kindergarten, my teacher got everyone hyped up to become the next President XD


omg yess, best teacher ever :joy:


Yeah, it’s a weird time…

I’m thinking of having kids, but not with a partner (because I don’t feel like having any…) starting off with fostering and then maybe adopting because my parents are fostering my cousin and I want to help out kids that don’t have a family:)


It really is. At least I can say I got into poetry and wrote a novella in this time lol.

Aw that’s really sweet. If I was in a good place for that, with my own house and good financial support for it, I’d also be happy to do that too, especially if I couldn’t have kids.


unshrinks you XD

My high school is international, so parents send their children there to prepare them for good universities overseas :sweat_smile: The US and UK are popular destinations, as well as Canada (I think US is the most popular?). Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia are also popular because they’re nearer than those countries but also offer a good education. Koreans and Filipinos would usually go back to their home countries and study at top universities there.

In my batch we got one in Cornell, one in UC Berkeley, at least three in University of British Columbia, and some other universities I forgot.


That’s awesome! I got into writing because of the pandemic



Nice! What do you like to write?

I’ve been getting back into drawing too :grin:



ohhhh, then I’m lucky I’m already in the US :eyes:


Fantasy, Sci-fi, adventure (really just fantasy at this point)

That’s really cool!!


You really are. You don’t have to take the TOEFL or apply for student visa :joy:

speaking of student visas, just because you get accepted doesn’t mean you’ll be given a student visa. There’s this one story of a girl (not from my school) who was accepted to a University of California (not sure which one). During her student visa interview, she was asked what her plan was. Guess what she said?

Something along the lines of “oh I plan to stay in the US, find a job there and live there forever.”

Obviously she was denied a visa :grimacing:

I was so scared for my visa interview that I brought an entire folder full of documents, just in case. They interviewer only a couple of questions before he said “alright, so your visa has been issued…”

Cue the biggest internal sigh of relief :joy:


I never really had a dream job as kid, and don’t have one now. I just don’t think about that now.


Ooh that’s fun. I also like those genres, but also slice of life, mystery/drama are fun too.

I think I’ve been improving slowly :slight_smile: I used to draw all the time at school but I stopped drawing for a few years so I have to get back into it and there is always more to learn.


Ooh yes, I enjoy reading comics about those, more than just reading and writing them

There’s no end to learning more things!