With a nickname "The Red Ghost" for a character, what ideas come to your mind?

I wanna know your thoughts on what type of character would have a nickname Red Ghost.

You see my character Renna is the titular Red Ghost and she is also a heretic. She comes from a clan where thinking outside the box and not following everyone’s religious beliefs and committing acts of violence and whatnot labels a person a “heretic”.

However, the Red Ghost part comes later. I wanted to name her the Red Ghost because she has blood red skin and snow-white hair. I still do but it seems so straightforward to me.

Then she was born with a curse that everyone single person in her race has (each one is different for each person). Yet her curse seems to be a bit more on the extreme side and really affects the people who aren’t like her…negatively.

So, overtime she has been called the Red Ghost and has been wandering parts of Llyria for an extremely long time and still hasn’t seen all of Llyria.

Anyway, tell me, in your very own words what thoughts come to mind when you hear or see a character nicknamed the Red Ghost?

Lend me your thoughts.



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Umm…that is the thought you have?

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Without reading anything other than the initial question, my first thought is this:

Something almost primal, a wicked entity of beastly strength and rage. Whatever this monster is, in ancient times it is locked away, sealed in some forbidden plane. Flash forward to the mid 1700s, where a Russian excavation unearths the beasts chamber. It possesses him, taking over and wreaking havoc on the descendants of those who imprisoned it.
Eventually, the man who the Red Ghost possessed, manages to take back control of his body-- now made of some unholy ethereal red light, smoke trailing off him-- and uses this power for his own nefarious purposes.
After being sealed once more, he breaks free of his imprisonment three hundred years later.

After reading your description of what you’ve got already:

I may have gone a little overboard.


:laughing: :sweat_smile:


A fox-shifter who is introverted.

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Well, that was very random and different. :sweat_smile:

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No need to apologize. I’m sorry if I came off as rude or something.
I just wasn’t expecting that answer.

Still, sounds interesting though.

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