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I’m looking for a word. It’s for someone who has a right to something (a competition or the right to a throne) and they give up their rights for this. I was thinking noncontenders but that’s for someone who isn’t likely to win not someone who willingly gives up this right.

In the story, there’s a group of siblings who are fighting for a high ranking so they can become the next ruler but some of them give up their rights to compete so they can do other things in their life.

I’m using WorldAnvil.com and I want a tag word to use so that I can easily link the children that aren’t competing together. Btw you need to try out this website (free) because it’s so cool and people can see all your worldbuilding.

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Stepping down/renouncing??

Do you think “renounced children” sounds like a decent tag? It sort of sounds like they were kicked out haha.

Do you mean like abdication?




Yeah like that. I’m not sure what the best choice is.

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maybe # abdicatedcotc is a good choice (cotc is Children of the Crown)

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What’s the world for someone being there? It’s like attention but more for them physically being there.

Is it presence?

The disinherited covers anyone whose bloodline would not be used. It does not diffenrtiate between those who abdicated and tbose who were kicked out.

Privilege maybe? Ik when someone gives up the right to rule, they abdicate. I looked up some synonyms: renounce, relinquish, cede, concede, surrender, forsake. For a word that more-so means forced abdication you may consider confiscate, usurp, seized, abnegate.

As for forced abdication, I believe it’s still referred to as abdication out of possible politeness. If a throne is taken by force, though, I believe it’s just “seized” or “usurped”, but that’s more-so for coup d’etat situations (unless you wna make it more dramatic “my father seized my right to rule” “my throne was usurped by my younger sibling”, may make your character’s feelings about the situation more apparent).

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You may also consider “prodigal”, but ofc that’s dependent and if the character wantingly left to pursue a different passion/life.

Black Sheep is also used.