Word of the Week: Cipher

The word of the week is:

Share a snippet of your work that uses this word or evokes the nature of the word!

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Eh, best I got. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Blackburne brandished his weapon at the intruder. “Wer bist du?” he demanded. “Wo bin ich?”

Crow smiled crookedly at the uncoated blade and poked the tip with a finger, redirecting Blackburne’s aim away from himself. “Ah. Deutsch. Mein Deutsch ist…nicht gut.” He looked down the pole of the halberd at the bristling knight. “Sprechen Sie Akkadû?”

“Was?” The knight raised a brow at the smaller man. “Nein.”

“Hm. Englisch?”

“I can manage.”

“Perfect.” Crow clapped his hands together with a grin. “You are dead. Tot.”

Blackburne stammered an undecipherable combination of German, English, and confused nonsense. All the while, Crow let him ramble while he brushed stray bits of sand from the simple red wrap over his shoulder.

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