Word of the Week: Epiphany

The word of the week is:

Share a snippet of your work that uses this word or evokes the nature of the word!


Eventually she paused, blocks away from where I stood rooted to my rooftop. She appeared so small in the distance while the red light of After outlined her striking, svelte silhouette like an ethereal halo.

She looked back over her shoulder in my direction.


This was a challenge. She wanted to see how far I could go.

I toed the roof’s edge and stared down at the gap below. No trace of vertigo made my head swim. No sense of fear or logic told me to step away from the crevice of immediate and painful death, you dummy!

I laughed. Because I was already dead, wasn’t I?

What did I have to lose?

A sudden breath of wind made my hair fly behind me as I looked from the drop back to Vale. I, too, wanted to know the answer to her challenge.

How far could I go?

I took two steps backward.

And three steps forward.

And I flew.

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