Word of the Week: Intrigue

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Share a snippet of your work that uses this word or evokes the nature of the word!


Sona’s POV

“Get up,” the woman commands again.

I simply squeak in return.

Realizing i might need help, she slowly holds out a hand for her to use. I cling to it heavily as I stand, cheeks colouring as the lady refuses to look at me, barely supporting my weight. Now she must definitely hate me — I’m about to tip her over!

But then her hand brushes my voluptuous chest, and… oh, God. Why didn’t I notice how pretty she is?

Oh, my Là…

Seconds later, I see spackles of red creep up her cheeks. My face flushes, and suddenly cant help myself but stare at her face.

she’s whipped her head around to hm face me. I almost feel sparks fly between my royal blue eyes into hers, coloured deep-brown dusted with golden ashes.

I freeze in admiration. Shit. She’s pretty.


I couldn’t decide which one lol.

And, though Crow couldn’t see it himself, a brilliant ring of light—a halo—hovered over his head.

He and I stood together and observed the surreal heavens dancing above us. Far away, cresting a distant mountain range was what appeared to be the glow of a red sun. With no other direction in mind, Crow began to walk towards it—the beginnings of a very long journey.

I followed him, intrigued to see what would happen next.

Bemused, I unwrapped my impromptu gift. A leather mask, similar to the ones my friends carried, stared up at me with round, red eyes. It didn’t smile like Webb’s and it didn’t frown like Vale’s. But those two lenses seemed to carry a curious, intrigued expression.

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