Word of the Week: Sanguine

The word of the week is:

Share a snippet of your work that uses this word or evokes the nature of the word!

Alternate words: bloody OR cheerful


Oooh, good one. Im used to Sanguine-Charismatic personalities, so this “evokes the nature”: from Mini Moo, Ch2:

They walked into their mother’s personality–a trim woman full of sunshine in a billowy sheer blush blanket-jacket. She interrupted her sweet tea by squeezing each child to death as they walked in the door of the Emerald Green den. John always stepped in first to get this part out of the way–a contrast of lights and darks. The younger two would hang on Ma’s neck before falling back on the den’s couches. Then Anise would wait for Ma to come for her and wrap her up in one of those slow hugs that felt like it would be their last one. "Oh, my babies are home! How did the club meetings go?

Vale sighed. “Do you think this place—this entire realm—is supposed to be Heaven?” she asked us.

“Maybe we missed the boat for Heaven,” I mused. “Maybe we really are all sinners. All I know is that…” I cast a meaningful look at the two ghosts lying beside me. “I’m glad you guys found me.”

My friends laughed as we nestled close to each other, linking our hands together.

“Yeah, I’m glad I ended up here,” Vale whispered. “I’m happy to spend eternity in this miserable place with you two dreamers.”

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