Word of the Week: Serendipity

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I adore them when they are unfinished —
Frolicking, my little butterflies
Have me laughing and ready to destroy them —
In their angles my tears are cristalized.

An extract from the second chapter of Goddess v2.0

‘Before you get too excited, we must make a l’chaim.’ Polanski reached into a bag, retrieved a dark glass bottle and offered it to Dov. ‘A small gift for your return to Israel.’

Dov turned the bottle towards a nearby streetlight. ‘The wine’s label is in Cyrillic. I only read–’

Freyja slouched over Dov’s arm, peering at the label. ‘Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon, two-zero-one-three, Golan Heights Winery. Little words say wine…kosher…I correct?’

Krista gasped as her bundle dropped onto the sand. ‘Wow!’

Polanski’s face fell. ‘You know Russian and Hebrew?’

Dov smiled and stroked Freyja’s hair. ‘You have many words, in different languages.’

Freyja returned Dov’s smile. ‘Is good?’

‘Better than me,’ Dov replied.

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