Workout Scenario:

Gym Day Scenario:

You are wealthy enough to have your own home gym…and more. You have loads of exercise equipment and tools along with accessories. Hey, there’s even a nice size pool (provided it is not deep enough where you feel like you’re going to be screwed), a wide large track where you can jog/walk/run to your hearts content!

There’s also an area where you can soothe your achy muscles while you relax.

So, today is your day to get some work out done, which are you doing today?

You’ve done your stretches before getting to work, so what will you try next?

Bonus Question:
1.Also, if you don’t want a fancy expensive home gym, what would you love to have in a local gym in your town/neighborhood that isn’t there?

2.What types of exercises are you a fan of and which ones you try to avoid at all cost…if you can?


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First of all, we’re going to dig up the track and turn that into a cookout area. We can keep the pool because it’s useful. Running isn’t good for your joints long term. The cookout area is where we prepare out pre-workout, post-workout, and general snacks. And have BBQs at.

Now it has a use other than a track. This operation will take about a month to do, so that’s my workout sorted for a month :flushed: I’m doing it myself, mostly with some backup.

After that, we can lift some weights, do the cycle machine, Then, do the leg/hip machine. And after that, some more cycling. :smiley:


No need to run. You can jog or walk around the large track as exercise.

You can still have an big area for cookouts and friends/family gatherings along with a pool.

Also, your home gym opens out to your backyard where you have a pool, cooking area, and large track along with anything else you want in your backyard where it isn’t too cluttered or anything.

You can also add an area to write and read, but that is a topic for another time!

I am getting sidetracked…

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You been playing the Sims or something? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah! LOL!

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If I’m doing leg and core muscles: Deadlifts, Squats, Lunges, Kettlebell Swings, and a few laps in the pool using only my legs.

For chest and back: Bench-press, Inclined Dumbbell Rows, Weighted Chin-ups and Push-ups, Standing Overhead Press, Dumbbell Pullover and Dumbbell Fly. Swimming: Freestyle and breaststroke with arms only.

Arms should get enough workout doing the above, but mix in some biceps and triceps exercises for variety anyway.

For balance, speed, and muscle control: Boxing, MMA, sword / knife duelling, gymnastics.

Exercises to focus on: Compound weight lifting (working multiple muscle groups together).

Exercises to avoid: Isolation exercise (one muscle group only), and anything that induces bad posture or joint strain or excess momentum (always control the weight and your body).

Also adopt a high Magnesium and high Zinc diet (natural sources preferred) to reduce muscle soreness / stiffness and aid recovery.

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How many hours do you exercise for daily (if you do daily)?
I am just curious.

I don’t exercise much anymore. But when I did live near a decent gym I’d go there about four to five times a week, for about an hour or so a day. I knew I had a good workout when either my arms felt like concrete blocks or my legs had the structural strength of wet spaghetti…That made walking home interesting…

My favourite non-gym exercises are cycling (avoid the roads, you never win a duel with a car), swimming in the surf (check for critters, rocks, and rips first), and cross country walks (toe-socks and a camera are a must). Haven’t done any of those for a while either.

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I have a gym membership at the moment, and my favorite things are the stationary bikes (NOT the recumbent kind), eliptical machine, treadmill, ski machine, trampoline, rowing machine and butterfly machine. Also I love doing roman situps on the bench. At home I have a couple 5 pound dumbells that I lift whenever I’m bored. (♯ᴖ.ლ)

There’s lots of other equipment there that I haven’t tried, like this thing where you kneel on it and slide back and forth with your knees, but it looks like it might hurt your back if you did it wrong so I’ve never tried it out. If I had amazing healing powers in your scenario I’d try that kneeling thing out and see if it was any fun. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Depends on where I’m at in the journey. Starting our? Just walking. Been doing it for a while? Reps until failure in a Hiit pattern.

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I’d start with that staircase-like machine for a decent moment, some weights maybe, and then move onto the track for running and jogging. I’d then get into the pool to wash off all the sweat and do some laps before playing around.

Personally, I’m an easy person who enjoys a treadmill and that bike machine. But it’s nice to see other interesting equipment that seems fairly simple to use like the stair machine, etc.

I like lunges, planks, squats, walking, swimming, downward dog, and some other yoga-type exercises. I loathe crunches, sit-ups, burpees, pull-ups, push-ups, and just about every other exercise out there lol.

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