Worst Dream Ever?

Last night I had a dream that I found glorified Threads fanfiction called Scissors on Zlibrary. It followed the main character’s child running away after meeting a boy she likes. Very by-the-numbers YA romance.

Threads is a depressing docudrama about what would happen if the UK got nuked. I was disgusted by the very existence of it and I made myself known.

Maybe I overreacted in my dream, but I am
glad that does not exist. Yet, at least.

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This is what my Tarot had to say about it


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Atomic Bombs:

Dream symbology makes this about some explosive rage, which makes sense with explosions.

Scissors has tons of meaning, but as it can be a change in prosperity via taking your goals seriously, it suits placing this mess on a trope-fueled fanfic.

A bunch of criticism has more to do with being disappointed in yourself.

What It Means When You Dream About Being Criticized.

Running away from home is troubles with home life, but since this is in a story, it’s running away from what feels like home in your stories, for it to fit the doubles layer.

Now, you could continue to look for different aspects of something about it bothers you, but really this is the type of dream that I dismiss when I have them because it stinks of the conflicts we all have with writing to appease the masses vs writing with our own voice and story in mind.

Would you resent becoming insanely popular due to writing what is a trash novel of no significance?

Some of us would.

The issue, for me, is I will be me even when working on things that aren’t really me: I will permeate my story, so for me, junk book, magnum opus, doesn’t matter. The story is told and people will do what they will with it.


I’m not all that concerned about popularity, but I always make sure that my work is unforgettable.

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I would just see it as personal affront towards the idea of writing something forgettable to fit in.


According to these, lol:

Hanged man usually signifies the beginning of ‘the hero’s journey’ the hanged man can also represent naivety or, less complimentary, ignorance. The King of Wands is tough, wands usually represent fire elementally and encompass passion and hard work, usually is found in decks where creativity is either being ignored or is about to be expanded upon. The king of wands encompasses passionate leadership of a maybe too idealist leader. Pentacles usually represented by the coin signals to wealth, of money, time, or money, who is to say. This particular card signifies opulence in wealth after a long-endured project.

So, in short: Write a book, lol.

In all seriousness, the fool signifies a journey ahead and (occasionally) self-sacrifice, but other cards indicate you’re coming to the end of a great creative project. This could apply to real-life circumstances, but it makes me theorize that if you begin a creative pursuit about something in your dream (maybe writing about how disgusting this would be) and, after a long time and after a lot of hard work, it will be good.

Ofc, cards can have different meanings and although you may have meant to reflect on your dream it could be about something in your personal life. Although, I’m hesitant to trust card readings online as being accurate interpretations of your spiritual energy.


According to the article I also strongly feel that dreams urge us about our feelings in real life, for me it’s the police but I know for some time when I was younger it was from teachers and never too lucid.

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I do not believe that the girl was meant to represent myself, but another, fictional person

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Oh, I just saw something might fit in with this dream…

This well covers some of the negative aspects of it, and is the first article up on the thing:

It seems to be basically designed to trigger offense, from what I’m seeing, but what it will do, if it takes off (and Disney doesn’t make a ton of flops in comparison to other mass media productions), is your story about the non-verbal girl is going to “follow a fad”, one that’s going to have very polarizing reactions to it.

To me, it feels like an attempt to sabotage the pagan genre while supporting it, on the surface.

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I’ve been wanting to put that on the backburner for a while. This is as good an excuse as any now.

I’d probably be tempted to take it as a warning, too. Give this some time to either develop or lose steam.

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