Would anyone be willing to be my critique partner?

No worries, google can be so annoying sometimes. In the reading group I run everyone uses google and it seems like every document comes through differently when we get a new one. It is working now. Once I get caught up on my reading group assignments I’ll start on yours. :slight_smile:

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Haha, it definitely can be. :rofl: I was having a hard time trying to format everything because it looked like an absolute mess from copying and pasting it from Word to Google Docs. It’s crazy!

And no rush at all! Take your time! :blush:

I sent you a PDF version. I hope that’s alright. If it’s inconvenient for you, I might be able to figure out how to move it to Google Docs, but I distinctly remember having so much trouble in the past :sweat_smile: I don’t understand how people use that daily.

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The PDF version is perfectly fine! c:

And agreed. :rofl:

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I emailed you my edits for chapter one. Working on two now. I may not get to three until Thursday evening or possibly Friday?

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I just saw them, and replied back with a thank you! c:

Again, thank you so much! :blush: :sweat_smile:

And that’s perfectly okay! Take your time! I went ahead and commented on yours in return! c:

Okay I lied, I was not able to get two done before I went camping, but it is back at you now. So I’m a bit delayed getting to chapter three.

I will try to get on it tonight and get you the chapter back before the weekend is out.

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That’s perfectly okay! Work’s been busy for me, so I also need to use this weekend as a catch-up. :wink:

Thanks for understanding.

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