Would anyone be willing to be my critique partner?

I’m nearing the end of my third draft and I’d like to start the fourth with a new set of eyes. I think it’s about time, honestly, that this very long winded project of mine comes out of the shadows for the first time.

I would like a full story critique, but I know this would be way, way too much to ask for, so it’s okay if we do a first chapter critique or if you’re feeling up for it, just take it chapter by chapter? Whichever works best for you and your schedule.

This is mostly me planning ahead, though, because I probably will have this ready to go out by the weekend or sometime after, so I just want to see if anyone would be willing to be my critique partner ahead of time? And those who just want to skim through and leave comments can. :wink:

About my project, the Sorceress…

The story sits just above 100,000 words with the first chapter being about 10,000 words. If you’d be a critique partner, I can do the first 10K of your story if you’re up for that. :wink:

It’s a YA sci-fi fantasy. In short, the story is about a seventeen year old soldier in the far future who wants to put an end to a war against a sorceress. With this burning passion through anger and grief, as she killed his family, he and his small crew of misfits goes on a quest to find her and kill her, to avenge their lost loved ones. But the quest doesn’t entirely pan out the way he thought it was going to, because after all, nothing is ever that easy.

The story features aliens (some magical, some not magical), sirens, clones, dragons, and other fantastical species. It takes place in the far, far future after a continental drift, and to where things are completely different. There is also advanced technology, including AI.


I’m intrigued by your story and since my critique group has recently dwindled down to just one other person, I should be able to make time.

It would be absolutely awesome if we could combine forces somehow if you’d like two people, not just one to do this with. But if you want this as a private exchange, that’s fine too.

The critique group was born out of our regional nanowrimo group (Central North New Jersey). We submit around 2-3k words at a time and meet up virtually once a week to go over it (lately, we’ve been doing Saturday 1pm-ish). I would have to ask the other person if he’s interested first, of course.
We could arrange to meet up on a different platform.

I’m suggesting this because it is super helpful to be able to discuss feedback. Just getting notes from someone is only a fraction of what talking to that person and being able to ask immediate questions can give.

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Thank you!! :blush:

I was looking more into private exchanges because I don’t really have the time to invest in a group exchange, unfortunately. :confused:

Hi :grin: I was actually looking for a CP with someone I know. The perfect call!

If it’s chapter by chapter, I’d be willing to do it.

The book in question on my side will not be posted on Wattpad. I have to figure out how to do a google docs situation. I’m still editing the first 10 chapters which is about 30k. I’m going to try to finish tomorrow or by Monday (Japan time, it’s Sunday). I just need to work out some kinks.

My book is Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound, btw. About a bipedal feline, Pinti, who is the only of her kind left with lunar magick. She embarks on a journey to save her race when they are threatened with extinction and also tries to find a moonstone that would help. It’s a YA dark fantasy.

One problem here is that I only have 30k ready. I can only edit bit by bit. So, I don’t know when I can have the next chunk ready.

We could do this: I have another book that I want to eventually publish and it’s on Wattpad, completed, and idk if I can edit any more of it. I’ve been looking for another pair of eyes on it. It’s about 90k, a YA portal fantasy adventure inspired by Wonderland. What if we combine the two?


Also, do you have discord by chance?

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@AMMeyers hi :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want you can email it to me, [email protected]

I dont need anything in return as im not working on any stories currently, but I should be able to slowly make some progress on it and give you my feedback on the whole book. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you’re full up on offers, but my summer vacay is nearly upon me, and I’m looking to get back into the critique/beta exchange.

Let me know if you still need another set of eyes.

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YAY! :blush:

Sorry for the late reply. I was lazy most of the weekend and extremely busy yesterday at work (the only times I can get on here during the week if I’m scheduled for children’s, though it’s now summer and kids were everywhere down here lol


Yes, I was looking for someone chapter by chapter wise, especially since I don’t want to bombard everyone or anyone with a full novel. :sweat_smile:

This would be similar to mine, whereas I will need to put it on Google Docs because it won’t be available on Wattpad (I’m gonna query it when all is said and done, but that won’t be for a while—hopefully by next year, but I’ll see).

I can do both, if you’d like? Like, for LHSB, I can do the first few chapters on that, and then start with the completed one on Wattpad as we continue?

I don’t, unfortunately… :confused:

But we can do a personal chat on here or however which way you need?

Awh!! :blush: Yay!! :heart:

I’ll send it tomorrow since I don’t have time today to do it, but I’ll definitely do that. Thank you!! c:

YES! Thank you!! c:

I’ll be setting it all up tomorrow (Thursday) since I only work for a few hours in the morning (8-11) and then I get the rest of the day off. Thank you to everyone helping me! c: I really appreciate it! :heart:

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That would work! LHSB word count is increasing. If we do chapter by chapter, there’s a chance I might reach the potential 90k by that time. Idk. We’ll see. But I would like to do the other story as well if we can set that up. Since it’s on Wattpad it’ll be easy for you to comment and me to respond.

But first, maybe we could do a test run kind of thing? I’ll send you the first five pages of LHSB, and you can send me the first five pages of your story? (I haven’t double-spaced mine, and I don’t mind if you haven’t either) I thought I might make a PDF to send it to you. That would be easier for me and maybe you, too. You could email me first, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

thetigerwriter @ gmail . com

Then we can see if we’d be a good match. After that, since we’ve shared emails, if we set it up on Google docs or whatever other way, it would be easy to communicate that. So, send me an email maybe title it something like CP-your name here so I know it’s you?

Thanks :grin:

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Let me know when you send it so I make sure I don’t miss it. :slight_smile: Also I want to make sure I actually get it since my google drive storage is getting close to being full again XD

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Perfect! c:

I’ve already sent an email! c:

Mine is ammeyers20@gmail(.com) :wink:

Sorry for another late reply, too. I thought I’d have this out much earlier today, but I’ve been lazying about and when I finally got to my computer, it’s been suppper slow, and then I couldn’t figure out how to convert my Word Document to Google Docs which I finally did. :rofl: So, I have the first five pages ready for you! Yayy! :partying_face:

Haha, I feel that. :rofl:

And I’ve already sent it as well! I did a Google Doc conversion (from Word originally) and the full manuscript should be available to read. Let me know if anything needs changing due to formatting lol. xD

Thank you all so much!! c:

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Hey there, I didn’t get a chance to follow up with you. How would you like to share the works? Are you using Google Docs? f so I can DM you my email address to share with you - er, rather for you to share it with me.

Before I suggest the other half of the Crit, what is your reading interest? I have an urban fantasy/post apoc (This is the Way the World Ends - R’ish rated) or a YA/soft sci-fi (Michael: Saying No - PG-13). And I can either give you the link for the Wattpad posting or I can give you access to a google document.

Let me know which way works best for you.

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Awesome! That’d be perfect! c:

Do you want to do the first three chapters type of a critique exchange or another preference?

And This is the Way the World Ends sounds awesome! c:

We can certainly start with three. Would you prefer it on Wattpad or via Google doc?

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Awesome! I’ll send that over right away! And Wattpad will be fine. :blush:

I recieved it. I requested edit access, just so I can make comments and suggestions if I see anything. :slight_smile: Right now I can’t comment or anything.

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Sweet! I got your email! I will get on them later tonight or tomorrow (depending on how well the rest of this current chapter writing goes). I’ll try to get a response to you before I go camping Sunday!

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Oh no! I thought I gave comment access! :woman_facepalming: I’ll fix that lol

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Awesome! Thank you! And same here! I’ll probably won’t be able to do any responses until Saturday evening—Sunday.


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