Would you still support the government(s) in your fictional world if they were real?

Honestly, whatever the type of government you have in your stories, would you be as supportive as you are as a fiction writer, if it was in real life?

My Turn:

Majority of my fictional nations are monarchies of different types, like kingdoms, empires, and queendoms! In real life, I live in America which is not a monarchy and is run by a president, not ruled by a person. Honestly, I think I favor a elective monarchy where the people vote on who would make it as potential monarch and ruled the country for how many years of their rule.

I suppose I love the idea of royalty, but I think I prefer an elective monarchy that is the best of a democratic state/republic and a constitutional monarchy.

So, I will only support that type of government I guess.

What about you though? If the type of governments you lean towards in your novels became real, would you be a supporter or not at all?

Thoughts and feelings?



Come hither, friends!

Not the ruling parties of Olban, or Greyridge.

Redstone, the Middle Kingdom, and The Ralloth I would. But mostly the outlier regions of those realms where their focus is on peaceful endeavours.


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Good question! I’ve been struggling with this one myself lately since my main character is the rightful heir to a throne, but anarchists murdered his parents and no one knows that he, the crown prince, survived, and he ends up in exile at the end of the book. I’m thinking that in the next book he’ll retake the throne somehow, but will pave the way for direct democracy in a future book.

It does give me weird vibes to write about monarchy since I don’t approve of it, even though I approve of the character. Do you ever feel weird writing it? (♯^.^ღ)

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Honestly, it really doesn’t.
I would like to explore writing more elective monarchies for future stories instead of hereditary monarchies.

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As a rule I don’t really support any governmental system currently known, because they are all extremely corruptible. Some are better than others, but in the end, they all lead to more problems than solutions. I’m not for anarchy either though, because that leads to chaos. Ultimately, it ends up with me trying to choose the lesser of several evils. The governmental system in my book is purposefully corrupt and dystopian in nature because it’s supposed to add to the conflict of the story, so of course, I don’t support it.


i already dont support many of the decisions made by our government lol


In my world, all the monarchs that ruled the kingdoms have died. All of them at once, during a world-shattering event now called The Day of a Thousand Tears. Fifty years later, the world is still in chaos. There are no kings or queens though there are claimants everywhere. Feudalism is still in tact, though in decline.

Major cities of the former kingdoms have transformed into independent city-states run by either warlords, oligarchies or demarchies. The three kingdoms that still remain have formed a powerful commonwealth. They elect a High Prince from a pool of noble princes every three years to rule the commonwealth — hereditary succession no longer exists.

There are a few anarchist communes — the last holdouts of the anarchic wave that sprung from the aftermath of The Thousand Tears. Also, a self-proclaimed ‘God-Queen’ has begun a conquest with an army of sorcerers… so fun stuff.

I would not support any of them lmao. I already used my authorial power to wipe out the monarchies lol. Maybe I’ll support the anarchists? Maybe.


Interesting knowing that some of you won’t support the governments that you write in your novels if they were real.

I am eagerly waiting for @JojoDahlia to ride on the back of a huge dragon screaming out “ANARCHY! GIVE ME ANARCHY!”, while the dragon is burning down buildings and causing flaming chaos, just so I can say “hey, I know that person!”.



Realisitically? Most peiple dont have the means to rebel right now, ao I suspect it would carry over to most acenarios. Remember US Revolutionary war was roughly 3% of the population fighting.


lol that’s me today. i raised concern as to why the SOCIALIST SOCIETY HAS TO PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP at the student’s union at the uni :person_facepalming: like hello?! and they were like oh yeah it’s not really a cultural or religious society so you have to pay for membership?? so we are a sports society? are we kicking balls while reading the New Left Review?? FETCH ME A DRAGON I WILL BURN THIS PLACE TO DUST :fire:


Thanks for letting me know! Now, I have to duck and cover from the dragon or pick up a gun and stand besides you screaming “LONG LIVE THE DRAGON REVOLUTION!!! GAR!!!” while the dragon does it’s thing.

Yup, nothing wrong with roasting the government with a dragon fire!
:sweat_smile: :rofl: :smiley:

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As far ad govts U could luve under, it’s a matter of “does it function”? As long as it works, I’d deal with it.