Writers choose wisely in this polls!

No, but I’ve also given up on small print without glasses and wear simple magnifiers.

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What do you use then? You can zoom into the document or anything else, you know?

Well, on the computer, I do often enlarge. But on my phone, I hate fixing app settings.

Oh, yeah typing on the phone can be a challenge for most.

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i have a dell xps 15 9500 and i absolutely love the size. it’s 15" as obvious from it’s name but it’s not too big to affect my eyes and focus, but big enough for me to be able to do exactly that, to be able to concentrate on what i’m doing.

i do, however, wish that i had add on extendable screen monitors (a laptop extender or whatever it’s called) bc my main problem with my performance is that there isn’t enough space for me to multitask on one screen despite the option to split the screen into two-five applications. i feel like i’d need one screen for one thing, a screen for another and then one that is my main focus. like imagine being able to write but also have your plot points brought up on another screen, and something else that you might need on the other that you can just glance at when you need it for reference etc.

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Just get a portable monitor or small computer monitor, if you can.

Amazon has plenty of that.

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i probably will soon, not from amazon though. not gonna contribute to buying anything from a company that’s currently funding a genocide. will probably look elsewhere, i think i’ve seen something at a local place tbh, i might just look into purchasing it :face_with_monocle:

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My computer is about 15 inches (I think? It might be 18 or so, but I’m like 70% sure it’s 15 lol).

I’ve used smaller computers before, but everything is just so small to the eye. xD

I only use my laptop. I don’t have any other monitors.

I think two should be a good amount if someone wants more than one screen. xD

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