Writers, here is an interesting poll!

Here is the poll:

How many screens do you use for writing and multi-tasking?
NOTE: When I say “screen”, I mean computer screens.

  • Zero
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four?

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Sometimes one if I’m on the iMac. Occasionally the phone. Occasionally the laptop. It all depends.


Yeah, as I am writing, I have a screen for my writing along with browsing the internet and another for listening to anime or YouTube videos.

I would also use my phone and/or my tablet sometimes…or most times.


What computer is used for when you do your music? You’ve mentioned that you do music or was that a character from the Churroverse that I am confusing you with?


I went with one because I only have one computer. But sometimes I’ll use my phone to look something up, so it can sometimes be two.


People are selected one are taking the lead.
Makes total sense.

Anyone else want to try commenting?

For work, I have three. If I’m slacking a little and doing personal stuff on my laptop which is a separate computer than my work one, then I guess at that point, it’s four screens. If I’m only writing and nothing else, just one. My laptop screen.


People who have more than one screen I think are cool :wink:

Also, I guess Zero means you don’t use a screen at all, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I said one since you specifically asked about computer screens. But, depending on how I’m feeling I can have my iPad, phone and tv going. I rarely do all four but at the bare minimum I always have two.

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