Writers need to make money too, so why is there so much hatred and animosity towards them?

True art doesn’t require money or what?

Hobby writers who actually have zero interest in publishing, they already have jobs that they enjoy and make a decent living from or have fair financial support from whoever they live with. They know that publishing novels isn’t something they want to do until it becomes something that they want to do later.

Writers who want to write not simply for getting their stories out into the world, but want to make enough money to dish out more and more, they would have to understand that writing full time to pay off bills and get an easy living is going to help them in the long run.

Writers, no matter how big or small, have to pay bills and eat too. It’s even more if they are small time writers trying their best to get out there and gain a loyal enough following.

Readers want to keep reading their work, but some writers who aren’t published nor want to get mad at this for some odd reason. Readers who get mad for this reason are mainly hating because the writer rather produces garbage (subjective, but still) over something great or chooses quantity over quality instead.

My thing is why is there so much animosity towards writers who love the craft and passion, but DO in fact need to make a serious living. I get it that people should write for themselves first and foremost, but when you want to publish, it’s not just you anymore, it’s you and your fans now.

If a writer wants to keep making series and standalones of their preferred genre, they need money to help get them there. A little money goes a long way even if the road to being published and successful is long.

Regardless if the writer goes through trad-publishing or self-publishing, writers need to make money.

So, why do people hate them and say they aren’t real writers?

It sucks but when you are deciding to become a published author, you are going to have to treat it a bit like a business. Business got to make money in order to stay afloat for a long while.

TL:DR: Authors who honestly want to make money and sell their joys to the world and find others who share their views are judged and hated by people who see them as fakes and phonies…right?

Thoughts and feelings?

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Oooh, are you reading that collaborative series about how hard it is to earn a living as a writer these days?

I’ve never heard that there’s any hatred or animosity towards writers, any more than there’s hatred or animosity towards school teachers for wanting to be paid. But same issue, methinks. Consumers are willing to pay millions for what they deem important, but what they deem important is silly stuff: tv shows, movies, sports and pop music. School, learning, books, etc. just isn’t important to people, so they resent paying for those things.

I can understand some resentment for writers since books are one product you have to buy sight unseen–you have no idea whether you’ll like it before you buy it, and so often the publishers lie about how good it is. Usually you can’t get a refund either if it turns out you hated it. The most you can do is donate to the library and take a tax credit for a fraction of the price.

Then too, Buzzfeed posted a story the other day about how many kids today can’t read, or can’t read at the level they’re supposed to. This is further complicated by too many kids being given devices too early in life, so their attention spans are ridiculously short and they simply can’t focus on a book. Why would they value writers for producing a product they can’t consume at all?

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No. It’s just something that I noticed and seen in places a few times.

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It happens even when you don’t hear it often.

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In regards to students not knowing enough these days, the system and anything surrounding feels messed up, before and after COVID.

I do believe that in SOME case mental health can play a role if nobody is bothering to look into it, parents aren’t doing their role as parents by putting their foot down and understanding their child, and society for being so unforgiving towards it all thus blaming it on this and that.

I don’t know who is responsible anymore.
Ah, the joys of being human.

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Ah… I have found over the years, that some haters are those who are just not creative enough to do it themselves, and Trolls too, trolls just throw shade on everything because they have nothing better to do… Poor lifeless trolls…

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So, you agree that writers should NOT be chastised for caring about money in order to grow as a published author?

I do fully!

Being an author is a life choice of working. Like artists also. My son is a fantastic Digital Artist, and had done commission’s which have been quite welcomed in both getting his work out there and in a financial way also.

Is he a worker, or not?

Yes, he is a worker. A worker in a differing choice of his own… He is making money, he is working… No different to an author I deem it… No different…


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Thanks for answering back.

You are welcome!


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Because people don’t like stuff that isn’t free and think the prices are ridiculous despite the fact we only make a small amount per sale. They also don’t consider writing to be a “real job” because we’re not in an office or retail space 9-5 and we are seen as “lazy” and “goofing off” because people only see the finished product and go “it can’t be THAT hard”


True, true.

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